Now PMB That Has Replaced Service Chiefs – By Abba Dukawa


At very early stage of the former service chiefs  boldly declared  that the militants had been Technically Defeated. But the technical victory”,  apparent, became a great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor.  This acclaimed victory came with the renewed wave of attacks by the insurgents on soft targets.

The appointment of the new service chiefs was came at a period when the country was facing serious security challenges. Definitely Nigerians have received these changes as something long overdue. If we can recall  Mr. President expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of his former Service Chiefs when he told them Point-Blank that their “best is not good enough and even National Assembly  not left out which they  passed a vote of no confidence on the Service Chiefs. Talk less of ordinary  Nigerians  of all walks of life have called on President to sacked former the Service Chiefs for Non-Performance.

Challenge before Newly Nigeria’s Service Chiefs.

  Much are expected from them therefore need for them to hit the ground running by tackling the worsening insecurity across the country  which  making life difficult for Nigerians. Nigerians expect  a total  Victories against all form of insecurity across the shore of the federation not Technical Victory. Nigerians want  to see a different approach in terms of choosing the right personnel to dispense with the responsibilities of safeguarding the country.

The intelligence gathering structures and efforts of nearly all the security and law enforcement agencies have almost made the war ineffective, due to Lack of  critical role of intelligence sharing in ongoing efforts to overcome security threats in the country among all the securities agencies.

There is  need for them  to have good synergy between them and  ensure professionalism in handling of sensitive intelligence gathering’s as there is deficiency and  uncoordinated  in  handling   sensitive intelligence. To avoid the infighting of supremecy  we witness between NSA and other

Last year  there were trending videos include high-ranking military officer and some  soldiers  criticising former Chief of Army Staff, for not supplying them with needed weapons and ammunition to combat the  terrorists which contribute  dismal performance of the personal ill-equipped and Ill-motivated.

Therefore the same mistake should not be repeats while federal government to continue equipping the armies , arrest and prosecute individuals found guilty of aiding and sponsoring of  insurgents, kidnappers and bandits.

On they  part   need to bear onerous task of restoring the nation’s security and should positioned to deal decisively with all forms of threats to security of the people considering    they competence   by virtue of they military trainings and 

Chief of Defence, is a veteran and former commander of the counter-insurgency operation in the Northeast and Multinational Joint Task Forces has brought a feeling of optimism, particularly in the Northeast. He will need to  focus on improving coordination between the Armed Forces in furtherance of military operations currently going on in the different geopolitical zones — comprising ground, air and naval components. Alongside the capacity of the Defence Headquarters Special Operations Force. Chief of Army Staff a one-time Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, will be facing a difficult task of rapidly rebuilding morale and recalibrating the operations of the army.

There is  need for the armies  leadership to focus on welfare and  begin  immediate relief   for troops in all theatres that have been deployed longer than two years. Rotate units first and then open a channel for individual soldiers or officers who may have been missed in the exercise to rotate out. To achieve desirable result they need to  fix the operational tour minimum of  one years in the country.

Overall, the military alone cannot provide long-term security and stability or replace the role of effective law enforcement and political will to solve the social, economic and developmental drivers and amplifiers of insecurity across the country.

 Dukawa wrote in from Kano can be reached



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