Biafra National Guard Issues Stern Warning To Civil Biafran Groups Across Biafra


Biafran National Guard is aware of an existing rogue website ‘’ currently extorting the  people of Biafra;  the platform is issuing public forms and luring innocent Biafran people into believing they are forming Biafran National Guard which has been in existence since 2007. By this release we hereby notify  the good people of Biafra that Biafran National Guard is not in any recruitment exercise whatsoever. That the rogue website in question  is unknown to and does not belong to BIAFRAN NATIONAL GUARD.

BNG remains a strategic and classified group with a new leader and a clearly defined roadmap of  action that will deliver the Sovereign State of Biafra without noisemaking.  All the civil groups and their civilian leaders agitating for Biafra have become compromised, subjugated and forced to dance to the political tune of Nigeria by force of arm orchestrated by the occupational soldiers of the evil expired Nigerian State. It is therefore clear to all and sundry, old and young, intelligentsias and fools that Referendum or whatever peaceful means shall not be able to deliver to the land and people of Biafra any form of freedom and sovereignty.

Biafran National Guard is not a group nor a unit but the military institution of the struggle for the restoration of Biafra that encompasses all air, land and sea arms as overseen by the Biafra Supreme Military Council of Administration, aimed at restoring and defending the lost sovereignty of Biafra. We are unapologetic to declare herein that only that which is necessary and expedient upon us to be done is that which shall be done without let or hindrance to finally and eternally restore and secure the long agitated for and awaited Republic of Biafra.

Herein therefore lies and is derived the irrevocable and irrepressible and non-negotiable  mandate of the BIAFRAN NATIONAL GUARD – to by all means of iron and steel and without any shred of doubt nor fear dismantle and disengage all shackles and yokes of the Fulani and Janjaweed powered Nigerian State and all its systems of force and administration from all nooks and crannies of Biafraland, that has endangered and made our people species of terror, denigrating our culture, freedom and denying our right to live.

BNG was formed in 2007 and followed thereafter with a three months arm conflict and stand-off in Edda-OHAFIA with the rogue Nigerian forces and it is on record that the rogue Nigerian forces met a force that they could not overrun clearly. That was just the testing of the waters then and soon the real action shall commence in defence and preservation of our lives being wasted by occupational forces of Nigeria.

It is clear to all the discerning ones among our people  that many civil groups have mushroomed for the sake of Biafra and in the process of time some have become nothing more than a franchise and enterprise built upon human ambition and deification. These civil groups have become corrupted beyond measure and turned themselves into a hydra-headed demon of oppression, division, control, political tools in the hands of the oppressors and tyranny instead of freedom, peace and unity of the brotherhood of our people. They have become nothing but  political apologists and noisemakers deceiving our people who daily yearn with great passion for the air of liberty and freedom.

The corruption in our struggle since 1999 is gradually coming at par with and likely to surpass  the corruption in Nigeria if not quickly and swiftly addressed and arrested. BNG is therefore closely monitoring  and we are taking records because we are determined not only to restore Biafra but ensure a disciplined and corrupt-free Biafra where truth shall be the foundation of the life of our people and our nation.

By establishing a platform in the name of BNG and extorting the unsuspecting populace; we consider it a pure act of sabotage and we don’t make a promise when it comes to such blatant act of sabotage, we deal with it and move on. The corrupt civilians going about the extortion have no fear or respect for late and present BNG personnel that have laid down their lives for their freedom and as such, BNG will have no respect for them once they are unmasked and uncovered. BE WARNED!

With the prevalent corruption in this Biafran struggle, it is clear that the Jerry Rawlings mode and code is inevitable, but BNG is hopeful that all the civil groups will repent and embrace sincerity in all their endeavours. BNG is hereby warning all those profaned  elements and enemies behind the website to desist forthwith or be prepared for whatever shall be unleashed.

The expelled founder of Biafran National Guard, Gen. Innocent Orji,  during the establishment of BNG in 2007 embedded in all the brave and courageous  personnel the spirit of martyrdom and this is why BNG must live up to every promise made. Our promise to eradicate corruption in the struggle is sacrosanct, and having promised to restore Biafra, we shall also live up to the sacred oath and task.

Finally, having given all the  civil groups with their civilian lords and kings enough space and time to restore Biafra while watching from behind the scenes for more than two decades now, the time has finally arrived for the men of iron and steel to enter the stage and finish that which has been the dream of our ancestors and the hope of all our generations born and unborn.

We appreciate the efforts of those who have awakened our people in every village, hamlet and town of Biafra  and those who have also taken the cause across the globe, creating the needed awareness and sensitization of our people and the global community. Let it be stated clearly here that  BNG will not henceforth  accept destruction and corruption of this cause.

We have received documents and studied them and it is clear that almost all the  civil agitating  groups in Biafra are antagonistic to each other. How then can they peacefully achieve the needed success when they invest their time more in fighting against themselves, fighting for crumbs and political relevance? 

We are making no exclusion in this context; and as such, we advise all the Biafran agitating groups to henceforth scrutinize their activities and desist from the shameful acts such as is not in our history and tradition but which we have borrowed and cultivated by our long sojourn in the Nigerian Egypt.

There shall be no Biafran version of Nigeria. Let all be informed today.


Colonel Nsikak Akpan




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