Angry Plateau Community Ejects Military As Fulani Militia Launch Sniper Attacks Kill 40

The continued insecurity bedeviling regions of the country has proved a resilient problem for the security architecture of Nigeria to tackle to finality. The Fulani herdsmen clash with the indigenous populations of Northern Plateau State has exposed Nigeria’s weakness to safeguard the indigenous population from the invading Fulani herdsmen.

Information available to indicates many of the communities in Northern Plateau region have instructed the Nigerian military staged at their communities to leave their communities – that their safety can no longer be guaranteed.  This is particular to the communities in the Bassa local government area [LGA]. Bassa has an area of 1,743 km² and a population of 186,859.

The community leaders who spoke to agents of revealed the community no longer viewed the military staged in their communities as impartial security forces geared towards safeguarding them against the invading Fulani herdsmen.

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Their presence in our communities gives a false sense of security to the members of our community. Their presence had never stopped any attacks in the past, and I don’t think it will stop any attacks in the further. We have asked them to leave.” – said one of the leaders of the towns that shares bounder with Southern Kaduna. He also confirmed that the military stations had since been vacated by the military personnel.

We don’t know the exact reason they left our community but I am very glad. And I know my community members would breathe a sigh of relief because we don’t want a situation where our youths who are angry and frustrated would get into a clash with the military personnel. It is good they are gone”, the leader added while acknowledging the military have been withdrawing from other communities in northern Plateau.

The violent clashes has continued nonetheless. A source reports that the invading herdsmen has resorted to sniper styled attacks during the daytime. The herdsmen would come into the farmlands armed with sophisticated guns such as the Russian made AK47 – and would be staged at a safe distance away from eyesight. From the distance, they will aim and shoot at the selected victim. Often, killing the victim with a single shot.

This mode of attacks have been on the increase since February 2020. With each sniper attacks, the attackers escapes without being caught. A farmer lament that “we can’t go to our farms anymore. These invaders just stage themselves at our farms waiting for us to come. They will shot and we run for safety. When we return, we will see that one of us have been shot. And the Fulani guys will escape”. He puts the unofficial estimate of the persons killed via the new attack mode at minimum of 40 persons. reached out to the police in Plateau State through the Public Relations Officer [PRO], Gabriel Ubah. He stated that he will look into it. “Lets make our own findings. We advice that useful information should always be given to police to act on.”

The leader of the Fulani community in Plateau State, Abdullahi Ardo was also reached out to concerning allegations leveled against the Fulani community. He did not respond.   


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