Boko Haram Agent Who Ordered The Death Of Leah Sharibu Identified


The Islamist fundamentalist who was involved in the kidnap of Leah Sharibu has been exposed. This is according a recent tweet by Remo Omokri. The tweet indicated that the Boko Haram culprit who goes by the name Ismail Nuhu Imam Rimi had ordered for the death of Leah Sharibu because of her strong Christian faith.

Examining the tweet suggests that the Boko Haram agent had been freed by the Buhari administration amnesty program – and has become a free citizen of Nigeria.

According to the tweet “Ismail Nuhu Imam Rimi, @snrimi09. He called for the death of Leah Sharibu, Christian girl, abducted by radical Islamic sect, Boko Haram, who refuse to release her until she abandons Christ. Pls help expose his location. He may know about her abduction”



  1. I’m Ismail Nuhu Imam, but how do you identify me as a Boko Haram agent? It means you are trying to link me with those terror group for your own selfish reasons. But you can’t succeed by Allah’s grace.

  2. One thing is to order the death of someone as if you are an authority who could do such a thing. And another is to put a foolish tweet on Twitter. Ismail Nuhu Imam simply replied to Remo Omokri’s #FreeLeahSharibu with #die_LeahSharibu. It’s not really the same thing as being identified as a Boko Haram agent who ordered the death of Leah. Please don’t report tabloid rubbish.
    By the way, I do say #FreeLeahSharibu – but we must not accuse people falsely.


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