Attack On Oshiomhole: APC Has Disintegrated, Says PDP

Adamu Oshiomhole
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Press Statement

The PDP says the violent attack by members of the All Progressives
Congress (APC) on embattled National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, has
further confirmed that the dysfunctional APC has finally disintegrated.

The PDP says the fact that APC members openly took up arms against its
leadership is a huge demonstration of their eternal rejection of the APC
and the Buhari Presidency, particularly for the ruins they have caused
our nation.

For APC members to publicly call their National Chairman a “thief”, as
reported in the open media, amply captures the mood of majority of
Nigerians, including APC members, that the APC and its government are
havens for thieves, criminal gangs and corrupt persons.

The indisputable fact among Nigerians is that the APC has become torn
apart within its core. The manifest greed and ravenousness of its
leaders, particularly, in the Presidential villa, in addition to endless
infighting over positions and looted resources has further exposed the
party as a soulless mob.

The APC has never been a genuine platform for governance. It has neither
the predisposition nor the design for operable people-oriented policy
and programmes. If anything, it has remained a special purpose vehicle,
for power grabbing, hijacked by an oppressive and exploitative cabal,
who has no iota of interest in the welfare of Nigerians.

Indeed, the propensity of APC leaders at looting our common patrimony as
well as the total neglect of the living conditions of the masses, whose
mandate they had stolen, has become a huge source of anger and
resentment in the hearts of Nigerians.

Nigerians expect Oshiomhole to respond to the demands of his party
members, who are chasing him around like a common tout and for which he
was reported to have hidden in a hotel in Benin City.

Is it not absurd for a National Chairman of a political party that
claims to have won an election just a few months back to require the
services of truck load of police men and personal thugs to escape from
Benin to Abuja?

The Edo incident reminds of how the APC National Chairman also allegedly
fled the nation at the heat of his reported interrogation by the
Department of State Services (DSS) in 2018 over alleged corruption

The PDP however encouraged Nigerians not to despair. There is always an
end to any platform that does not have the care of the people as its
primary goal in governance.

Our party, which has remained the bastion of our collective
consciousness as a nation is at the Supreme Court, where Nigerians
expect that justice will prevail in retrieving our stolen presidential
mandate to end the nightmare of the APC.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary



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