These are cantankerous and trying times for the national politics of Nigeria and of the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress [APC]. Information recently made available to through competent sources indicate the national chairman of the APC, Adamu Aliyu Oshiomhole may have been gagged by the chieftains of the party in accordance with the presidency. Adamu Oshiomhole according to the source was told to specifically stay away from making public appearances and making public comments on any issue.

It is recalled the national party chairman had last made a public statement about two months ago concerning the constitution of the leadership of the two chambers of the national assembly. He made bold the available leadership positions will be filled/occupied by only those preselected by the national party, nothing else. He threatened that erring legislators will be dealt with should they nominate and/or vote other lawmakers not preapproved by the party. Oshiomhole’s threats were well publicized.

But a select chieftains of the APC including cabinet members of the President felt uneasy by the continued rash pronunciations by the national chairman. Some felt his actions was becoming counterproductive, and may result in the members of the national assembly to discard the APC pre-arrangement. Our source indicates there were already signs showing the APC lawmakers were setting up another arrangement different from what the APC leadership had prescribed. The lawmakers were shifting away from Lawan as the choice for Senate President in protest against the Oshiomhole / Tinubu threat.

Led by Senator Lawan, a group of high ranking APC members including Bola Tinubu, approached the national chairman. He was sat down and told to refrain from making any further proclamations publicly concerning the national assembly or any issue until the leadership tussle is over. He was told that his continuous comments were becoming counterproductive for the party.

In his characteristic stubbornly personality, Oshiomhole rebuffed the delegation as not being serious – that he cannot be gagged as the national chairman of the party. “You can’t tell me to stop talking”. As expected, the delegation reminded him of the ease with which he could be removed and possibly charged for financial crimes, if he insists on carrying on.

The meeting was said to end with uncertainty. The delegation did not get clear assurances that he will adhere to their instructions at the end of meeting. Neither did Oshiomhole indicate he will not adhere.

Following the meeting however, Oshiomhole has gone off radar. For the last two months he has avoided visiting his office at the APC National Secretariat. He has also not made a public statement.

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