The Call For Governor Ganduje To Step Down, A Call Uncalled-For – By Abdulmalik O. Adeleke

The Call For Governor Ganduje To Step Down, A Call Uncalled-For – By Abdulmalik O. Adeleke

The Call For Governor Ganduje To Step Down, A Call Uncalled-For – By Abdulmalik O. Adeleke

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Leaders at all levels of government are entrusted with an incredible responsibility of their subjects. No doubt, when leaders lose the ability to effectively lead their people, the right thing for them to do is step aside. In my view, the time has not come for Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje to resign. The governor’s capacity remains firm and unshaken; he did not succumb to the pressure of the blackmail on his person that recently holds the spotlight. In spite of this, he seems determined to do what the people of Kano sent him to do, to serve them and work hard on their behalf

The calls for the Governor to step down to allow for what the agitators insinuate would ensure free and fair investigation of the alleged video clip that went viral on social media, revealing someone masqueraded as Governor Ganduje, is uncalled for. The callers opine that his remaining in power may interfere in the committee’s investigation processes, but remain inconsiderate to the fact that his resignation will also give way for his political adversaries to seep into the investigation processes and ensure that he is permanently blocked from returning to office.

Those who sent the videos might have done that out of vengeance, it may be out of jealousy, it may be out of anger, it may be out of personal political benefit, and it may be out of the need to stamp out corruption as they claimed doing. I believe only investigation would facilitate establishing the truth of the matter. Therefore since the investigation is being conducted, thank God in an opened manner as claimed by the State Assembly Investigation Committee Chairman, the Governor should not be pressurized to walk out his office and become a laughingstock to his detractors. He should remain until the completion of the committee’s assignment, if the allegations are found true, then he honorably leaves the office and if otherwise he holds his office to the dismay of the mischief makers.

I believe, as rightly put by the shrewd scholar and a card carrying member of PDP, in the person of Dr. Muhammad Tahir Adam (Baba Impossible), he said “Governor Ganduje is a human, he can be susceptible to committing such act”, but in this digital era the clips can be cloned, purposely by those who would take pleasure in humiliating the Governor, shame his family, his friends, the state and the nation in general. By the Grace of God, they will not succeed, truth will triumph.

Abdulmalik O. Adeleke

Sabon Gari, Kano



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