Epidemic Looms In Anambra As Community Accuse Odua Onyema Of Neglate

Epidemic Looms In Anambra As Community Accuse Odua Onyema Of Neglate

Epidemic Looms In Anambra As Community Accuse Odua Onyema Of Neglate

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By Okey Maduforo (Awka)

An outbreak of cholera epidemic is currently looming in Umuzu

Community, Ogbaru local government area of Anambra State.

The epidemic is as a result of the menace of flood disaster that is

currently sweeping across Anambra North senatorial District in the

last two months.

Aside the looming cholera epidemic, is the spread of air and water

born diseases in the community up to Okija town in Ihiala Local

government areas.

Umuzu community shares boundary with Okija town in Ihiala, Amiyi and

Ochuche communities in Ogbaru Council area.

According to the owner of a pharmacy store owner in Umuzu who takes

the place of a medical personnel with his shop as the only hospital in

the area Mr Izuchukwu Okoye said

We do not have hospitals or even a dispensary in this town. The only

hospital they rely on is me and my bag of drugs and I cannot do more

than that we only  to carry out first aid but the children are exposed

to cold, mosquitoes, cough and other water born diseases.

“cholera epidemic is coming because of the dirty and flooded

environment. This crowd you see here have no toiled so you can emergin

what would happen when cholera comes and that would be very terrible.

Already Cough, Cather and Malaria is currently the illness in the camp

and once the cholera steps in that would be a problems Okeye urged

NEMA and SEMA to send medical personnels and other relief materials

quickly and also put up an emergency health centre in the community

before Umuzu people will go into extinction.



Also speaking the woman leader of the community Mrs Justina Udeorji

and community spokesman Mr. Samuel Ibekwe, the Senator representing

Anambra North has not visited the town to find out how the people are

managing, adding that chief chukwudi Onyema representing Ogbaru

Federal constituency as well as Somtochukwu Udeze of the state

Assembly have abandoned them

“We have an Assembly member representing us in the State and we do not

even know how he or she looks like. We also have one Chu Chu Onyema in

the Ogbaru Federal Constituency and he has not made any effort to

visit us or even send somebody to come and see us”


Elections are by the corner and flood is killing our people. They have

not visited us. May be they may have gone to other places but not here

in Umuzu town where is Stella Odua who they say is our Senator, we

learnt that she is contesting again. Where is maggery Okadigbo and

Chinedu Emeka. I heard that all of them want to be senator in Abuja

but they do not know what we are facing here”.



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