CUPP To Begin Deliberation On Consensus Candidate

With the completion of Political parties Primaries, All is set for the emergence of the consensus candidate of the CUPP that will send the incompetent Buhari led APC government to the political Golgota.

The  CUPP (Coalition of United Political Parties) the umbrella body of over 40 opposition  political parties  wish to congratulate the PDP, SDP, APP, NIP, UDP, AA, C4C & all other coalition parties in the grand Allaince for their successful primaries completion today. The end of the primary process of the individual parties today marks the beginning of the main work of the cupp which is to select a consensus candidate from the over 15 Presidential candidates that have emerged from parties that are members of the cupp grand alliance.The process that will lead to the emergence of the Grand coalition candidate of the CUPP will start in earnest this week.

Sending the incompetent President Buhari led APC government to the political dustbin of landslide electoral defeat is a task that Nigerians are eagerly waiting to accomplish with the CUPP come 2019.


1st National Spokesperson CUPP.