Group Condemns Attack on Hon. Tella, Says Detractors “insincere”

Group Condemns Attack on Hon. Tella, Says Detractors “insincere”

Group Condemns Attack on Hon. Tella, Says Detractors “insincere”

Bomba Dauda

Jama’a Progressives in Support of Hon. Tella condemned the recent political bickering against Hon. Labari Tella, member representing Jama’a constituency in the Kaduna State House of Assembly. The group, which constitutes members across the 12 Wards of Jama’a Local Government, described the negative criticism/damaging materials been circulated on the social media against Tella as “insincere.”

In a two-page document signed by the leader of the group, Hon. Ahmadu Allang and the Secretary, Hon. Timothy Dangiwa, urge the public to disregard the ongoing media propaganda and mudslinging against the good reputation of Hon. Tella. They advise the good people of Jama’a and the electorates that worked assiduously for the victory of Tella at the 2015 polls not to allow the propaganda making rounds on the social media to dampen their spirit or weak their unflinching support for their political leader.

Allang said the political acrimony against Tella, by some of his detractors is purely act of envy. Their criticism is not based on the collective interest of the wider electorates but, selfish.  “Some of his detractors are envious of his rise to prominence politically. Besides, we are aware of how some of them and their candidate tried to snatch power from Tella over the years but, they couldn’t and all they could do is to envy him and try to pull him down. We, in the grass-root can attest to Tella’s achievements and we can’t allow anyone to drag the good image of Tella across political dirty waters while we watch,” has said.

Adding that, “If someone has personal issues with Tella he should seek for ways to resolve it and not embarking on campaign of calumny under the guise of asking for scorecard. Tella can never be shy of making available his scorecard because he has so many achievements for the good people of his constituency to see. He is indisputably a good politician, no doubt!”

According to a strong member of the group, Alhaji Mohammadu Isah akwantas, “We have facts on those trying to bring Tella down politically but, they will never succeed because the ordinary people at the grass-root are with him. Their effort will never yield any dividend. What they are doing is driven by selfish political interest and we will never allow that to come to being.

“For the benefit of hindsight, some of them are still bearing grudges in their hearts because Tella defeated their candidate at the 2015 polls. They are not attacking Tella because he has not done credibly well for his people, they are attacking him because they just want to rubbish him for political reasons.”


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