Yesterday saw blood bath in the south East region of Nigeria as Nigerian military launched unprovoked attack on the residence of the leader of Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra [IPOB], Nnamdi Kalu in the evening hours of 3pm to 5pm.

The end of the invasion saw twenty two corpses littered in the compound of Nnamdi Kanu. The Nigerian military had come with Lorries to collect the dead bodies after the attack. They collected the dead bodies leaving four bodies behind. The father of Nnamdi Kanu was missing following the end of the attack.

According to a report received from one of the sources within the compound, “over 120 soldiers of the Hausa-Fulani extraction in the Nigeria Army stormed the country home of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and started shooting sporadically at the armless youths, women and men gathered in Kanu’s compound. They shot live bullets, ammunitions and tear-gassed all around the home. At the end of their exercise which lasted for over two hours beginning from around 3.00pm-5.00pm, over 22 armless men and women have been killed in the compound”.

The report continues that “they came with their lorries, gathered the dead bodies and left. Men of the Nigeria Army have also taken over the Afara-Ukwu peaceful Community where Nnamdi Kanu hails from using unknown men with guns and heavy ammunitions at strategic points in the Community raping their girls and women as well as slaughtering their young. This is the third attack in a week by the Nigeria Army against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his armless group. It should be noted that IPOB as an organized, non – violent organization has been continuously provoked by the Hausa-Fulani dominated Nigeria Army but we have maintained restrained and caution”.

See Video of the aftermath:

With the attacks at the compound of Nnamdi Kanu came reprisal attacks in other regions of the country. Already, in Kaduna an Igbo dominated market was set ablaze by indigenes of Kaduna who believe their tribesmen were attacked in Aba. Also, the ever volatile city of Jos, saw the assemblage of street urchins readying to cause mayhem. In quick reaction, the Governor of Plateau State declared curfew in the city of Jos from 6pm to 6am.

The declaration of curfew was made public through a press statement signed by Samuel, Emmanuel Nanle, Director, Press & Public Affairs.

It reads;

The Executive Governor of Plateau State has expressed great dismay and shock at the sudden build up of tension in Jos Metropolis on account of the conduct of some disgruntled elements, who have decided to throw the metropolis into confusion on account of their negative reaction to the agitations of Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) in the South East.

Consequently, the Governor has directed an immediate imposition of curfew from dusk to dawn (6pm – 6am) within the Greater Jos – Bukuru Metropolis, until further notice. The deployment of security personnel to all flash points within the metropolis has also been directed to ensure compliance with the curfew order and to avert any further breach of law and order.

The Governor wishes to assure all citizens that the security and welfare as the primary concern of Government is assured by the Rescue Administration. He is therefore enjoining all citizens to go about their business with the assurance that their safety is guaranteed. He further appealed to all religious and community leaders, neighborhood vigilantes as well as all law abiding citizens to ensure nobody is allowed to take advantage of this unfortunate situation to engage in criminality.

The Governor wishes to restate that Plateau State remains home to all citizens of Nigeria irrespective of religion, ethnic extraction or political persuasion.  He therefore enjoins all peace loving citizens to ensure that nothing is allowed to upset the hard earned peace in the State.

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Meanwhile, the State Governor of Abia State, Dr. Ikpeazu and the Nigerian military stationed in Abia appear to be giving missed signals to the populace of Abia State. The Governor had made an announcement through a press statement and radio broadcast that the military in Abia State will begin a gradual withdrawal from Abia State starting Friday. But the military stationed in Enugu retorted that it has not agreed to withdraw its forces from Abia State or any regions of the South East where the Python Dance operation is to commence September 15, 2017.

Other regions of the country remains tense particularly the northern regions. Massive security presence have been observed in Kano in the last twenty four [24hours] patrolling the known hotpots. Churches in Kano have become a steady patrol port for the security forces. It is feared indigenes of the state may begin attacking south easterners following Friday’s mosque. But top security source assure that there will no attacks.