Platform Speech: “Peter Obi Is Haunted, Should Not Be Taken Seriously” – Former Aide

Peter Obi at the Platform...

The after effects of the appearance of the former governor of Anambra State under the banner of the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] and the Deputy Director of Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 reelection campaign, Mr. Peter Obi, at the Platform continues to linger beyond the hallways for the arena. As have learnt, the address by the former APGA leader and now PDP chieftain has struck nerves within the many quarters of the country as to the contents of the speech and the inaccuracies and hidden fibs.

Speaking to was one of the closest aides to the then Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi. Benji Obi served as one of Peter Obi’s closest aide while Peter Obi served as the governor of Anambra State. He was also a kinsman of Peter Obi. He knew the inner working of the government and of the Governor, himself.

Benji Obi, also known as “Mbuze Agulu” was taken aback by the claims made by the governor in his address at the Platform, particularly concerning his remarks that aim to tarnish the image and administration of the current Anambra state governor, Mr. Willie Obiano. “I don’t know what is wrong with Peter Obi. Each time he gets the opportunity to speak to an audience, he never fails to throw mud at the Governor and his administration. I can’t understand why he keeps doing this”, stated the former aide and kinsman as he explained that Peter Obi has never pointed to one disagreement publicly or privately as to why he has continued to ‘bad month’ our dear governor.

Mbuze Agulu made it clear in unapologetic terms that Peter Obi is suffering for extreme paranoia. He is terribly afraid of being overshadowed by a performing governor – in the person of Willie Obiano. The former aide explains that the personality of Peter Obi never allows himself to be overshadowed by someone else. “He brought Willie Obiano with the intent to control him but he was unpleasantly surprised”.

As per the collapsing fly over which Peter Obi referred to in his address, Mbuze Agulu was unforgiving as he pointed out to Peter Obi that while he served as the Governor of Anambra State, he could not think of such wonderful project to give a befitting facelift to the state capital. “Awka is looking more like a state capital now thanks to the concepts of Obiano. The commercial activities in the State capital has improved and the sales and incomes of residence living within the capital has improved”. According to Mbuze Agulu, Peter Obi is very much aware of the growing acceptance the Obiano government and projects have attained in Anambra. “The man is just paranoid that his so called legacy will be erased”.

That is why whenever he opens his mouth to talk, he talks rubbish, total rubbish. Imagine how he had to be embarrassed by the Federal Minister of Finance when he [Peter Obi] falsely claimed that the Ministry of Aviation took loans for completion of the construction work at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja”.

Mbuze claimed that Peter Obi “looked at the audience seated at the Platform and did not seen the Minister of Aviation present, so he decided to tell one of his many trademark lies. But he did not know the Finance Minister had her facts”.

Many people don’t know Peter Obi like we know him here in Agulu” continued Mbuze Agulu who added that 80% of the address should be discarded as trash and gimmick of a drowning politician and an Onitsha trained businessman. “He claims to have owed only one wrist watch for 17years. What a pitiful joke. He even said he owns only two pairs of shoe. Listening to him, it is apparent for us here in Agulu that the deity here in Agulu [Haaba Agulu] has begun acting on Peter Obi”.

Three watches …

According to Mbuze Agulu, Peter Obi is a frequent visitor to the deity in Agulu – Haaba Agulu. “It not news. We all know him but we protected him”. He claims Peter Obi usually visits the shrine to make sacrifices and to seek favors.

He may have received favors and may have failed to fulfill his promises to Haaba”.

Mbuze Agulu queried, “Why can’t Peter Obi make a speech without attacking the present Governor of Anambra? Why will he go to the south west and the north to campaign against the Governor of Anambra State? What can’t he come home and tell the people of Anambra his gripe instead of going off to make a fool of himself at the Platform?”

Mbuze Agulu emphasized the point that the current Governor has done enough to be praised and not castigated in the manner Peter Obi seems to be engaged in doing repeatedly. He pointed to the new flagged out Airport and the 5-star hotel being erected by the Obiano administration at Peter Obi’s home town in Agulu. He pointed to those projects as worthy projects deserving of praise.



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