EFCC Witness Fails To Give Evidence That Metuh Ate Own Statement


Metuh in court

Document read in court showed Metuh’s transaction passed through due process…..

…..No document linking $2m given to Ararume with Dasuki’s fund.



EFCC witness Detective Junaid Saeed entered the witness box at 9:03. Witness averred that he is with special Taskforce team
According to him;


After oral interviews, Metuh was asked if he was willing to make statement and a sheet of paper was given to him with cautionary word. When he concluded writing the statement, which was in four sheets he handed it over to me and I read what he wrote and I gave it to other team members after I returned to him for endorsement.
He endorsed the first and second sheet and when he was to endorse the third sheet…..He suddenly tore the sheet, the pieces recovered and registered with the commission. I immediately made entry of the incident into report sheet and EFCC duty record.
Because of this I declined giving him the fourth sheet to endorse because I did not want him to tear it. He requested to volunteer another statement, which he did after I gave him a sheet with cautionary words and he volunteered another statement.
Interview and investigation carried out confirmed that CNC were used to carry out media campaign activities of PDP on the instruction of the first defendant, ditto Abba Dabo.



See shocking Snippets from Cross-Examination of EFCC
*Defendant voluntarily presented himself to the EFCC.

That’s correct.
*Was he alone when he made the statement?

No, he was not alone.
*Right to say that you asked question and he responded?

My lord, yes
*You did not touch or physically opened his mouth?

No, my lord.
*Did he eat anything while writing the statement?

No my lord. Metuh was not willing to sign the unsigned.
*Did …faked the statement?

*Metuh mentioned he made presentation to Goodluck Jonathan.



….He did not say the cost of the presentation was N400m
*Did he say that the former President requested his account detail after the Presentation?

*Yes we found out that the presentation has to do with publicity and the image of PDP. We found out that PDP was embarking on a national election and Jonathan was the candidate.
*You found out that disbursement were made for the campaign activities of the PDP. Did you find out any personal relationship between Dasuki and Metuh, Destra?

Not to my knowledge.
*Officially did you find out if Dasuki was answerable to Metuh.?

*Who was Dasuki answerable to?

He is expected to be answerable to the then President.
*In the course of your investigation did you obtain any statement from former President Jonathan?

No, my lord.
*You mentioned that N400 million was not authorized?

*Who does approvals for payment by ONSA?

It is internal arrangement of the office where contract is confirmed executed. NSA and director of finance indicate that job has been done properly before payment.
What is the official designation of SA Sanusi in the office of ONSA?

He was the director of finance.


Bulu Spony?

Yes my lord. He is staff of CBN
*Confirm that you have the names and signatures of the authorize persons, Dasuki and others.

*You did not come across any document where ONSA classify the transaction as security services?

But you know what EFCC classify as security services.

*****Witness made to read from exhibit from ONSA saying all due process followed.


Nobody has been convicted in respect to the disbursement of the 400 million

Yes my lord.
Did you find out when Destra account was opened?

Yes. 10 th Feb 2014.
Did you find out if there was any other disbursement from ONSA to Destra?


It was found out that Dasuki withdrew N10b and converted to 14.7m dollars and gave to the ADC of the former President and the special Adviser to the President to share to PDP top notches for PDP special convention. The 2m dollars given to Ararume by Metuh is strongly linked to the disbursement of N14.7 m shared out to PDP members.
*No document from either Dasuki or anybody from EFCC in respect of the said N14.7m
*Any complaint from EFCC made in respect of the N2m dollars. Do you have financial statement between Olisa and Ararume?

No. My Lord
Are you aware that such transactions are documented/



Apart from Yomi Badejo, the EFCC did not get information from any other person present at the presentation to former President Jonathan


Witness left 11.33am.  The EFCC gave indication it wants to close its case. Case adjourned to 18th for defence to open their case


High Points From the interrogation

Metuh did not eat his statement.

Metuh has no personal relationship with Dasuki

EFCC did not obtain any statement from Jonathan

Document read in court showed Metuh transaction passed through due process.

No document linking $2m given to Ararume with Dasuk’s fund.

Nobody convicted in respect of Dasuki fund.

No document to show Dasuki withdrew 10b from CBN



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