Labour Party BoT Chairman, Nwanyanwu Dumps Party Over Financial Recklessness



…Calls his chairman ‘biblical Pharaoh’


Former national chairman and chairman, Board of Trustees of the Labour Party (LP) Chief Dan Nwanyanwu, has tendered his resignation letter from the party, alleging that misappropriation of party fund by the incumbent chairman.


Nwanyanwu also said that the party chairman, Alhaji Abdukadir Salam, has turned himself to “biblical Pharaoh” despite genuine advice given to him severally, saying, incoherent answers from the party chairman, “created more doubts in my mind about your innocence.”


In a letter date 13th Feb. 2015 and addressed to the LP chairman, Chief Nwanyanwu cited the handling of the recently concluded nomination of candidates of on the platform of the Party for the 2015 general elections, which he said lack integrity, transparency and accountability as some of the reasons.


The letter reads:”I regret to observe that events in the Labour Party especially with regard to the handling of the recently concluded nomination of Candidates on the platform of the Party for the 2015 general elections are not in consonance with the integrity, transparency and accountability for which the Labour Party had achieved the reputation over the years.


“I have had cause to confront you personally with the information available to me regarding these matters of concern and I must admit that your incoherent answers created more doubts in my mind about your innocence.


“It is sad for you to use the good name of a Security Chief in this Country to justify your unpardonable action in connection with the huge funds that came from one of the South-South states as nomination fees for the party, thereby denying the party its legitimate funds. Did you consider this same Security Chief becoming aware of the criminal use of his name and consequently arresting you and your collaborators? What image would you have left of the party? This is very sad and I do not want to be part of this mess amongst-others.”


Nwanyanwu also said that with the turn of events after Alhaji Salam emerged as National Chairman, “I am unable to continue to hold the office of Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Party or to continue to associate with the Party as a member.


“Consequently I hereby tender my resignation both as chairman of Board of Trustees of Labour Party and member of the Party. I have already taken steps to effect my resignation as member of the party at my ward as required by the party constitution.”



  1. Both of you The BOT(Dan)and The National Chair LP knows your self Better. Because as BOT u didn’t go throu(AA Salam) Due process as u didn’t call the attention of NEC or exco,when the going was good u didn’t complained may be he out smart u when the fund comes in he went ahead Rent an office paying for five years,Furnished it larvisly,Buys an executive jeep, pays for Allowances for state visiting exco,National exco including u(Dan as BOT) Both of u see how u see what Both of u did on Labaran maku’s and mimiko’s case etc as u knows it if given a chance he can accounts for the said fund,as he used to do that to u when he was your National sectary the ur the National chairman and pls let a sleeping dog lay. Kano State Chairman Labour.

  2. With the little knowledge I have of u two (Dan and AA Salaam) is good not to exposed things that is not right just go to ur PDP jeje and keep quiet.


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