Buhari Supporters Attack PDP Members In Kano, One Dead, 5 Vehicles Burnt



Information reaching 247ureports.com indicate that the presidential campaign stop in Kano by both the All Progressive Congress [APC] candidate and the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] may have resulted in bloody violence. This is as available information indicated that youths confirmed to be supporters of the APC presidential candidate attacked PDP members inside Hotoro qaurters in Kano state.

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The attack resulted in one death and the destruction of five campaign vehicles belonging to the PDP members who are suspected to be southerners. The police public relations officer [PPRO] confirmed the incident. He stated that the police has commenced investigations – and will fish out the responsible culprits.

The attack was reported to have taken place at precisely 12 noon while the APC presidential candidate, General Mohamadu Buhari was at the Kano State government house addressing a body of journalists over the whereabouts of his secondary school certificate – and while, the presidential candidate for the PDP, President Goodluck Jonathan was at the Polo Club addressing a crowd on his campaign promises.

The location of the government house and the Polo club is reported to be a significance distance from Hotoro quarters.

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  1. By these stoning, the North is making a huge statement that One Nigeria is fake. Only problem is southerners who built houses in Abuja and who seem to be ready for one Nigeria even if they and their off sprngs are sacrificed for one Nigeria

  2. Why APC are runing after PDP, remember the day PDP went to Abeokuta GMD was there, also Osun, Now In Kano, so GMD must handle for all the problems

  3. These are people that are telling us they have solution to Nigeria problems, i don’t buhari deserved our vote. PDP are patient party, by indication we are totalling saying no to violence party and yes to PDP. Continuety and transformation of Nigeria we want. No chance to buhari, no chance to Arms Personals carriers as wells as boko haram party, i SAID A big SHAME to apc, GEJ continuety we need.

  4. GEJ is a very very callous person.he’s not clueless as some people have continued to tag him and his party.all this attack on his campaign is stage managed.looking @ it from this angle,why did he not start his canpaing from the north as GMB started his from the south.all this report we are hearing are his handiwork just like the boko-haram he invented.

  5. It seems one Ng 2 a section of this potential great nation simply means 2 rule! Should this be the case?


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