Contradictions In Buhari’s Certificate Suggest Forgery

General Muhammadu Buhari and Running mate Prof. Yemi Osibajo and Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso while addressing Journalists at Kano government house, Kano
General Muhammadu Buhari and Running mate Prof. Yemi Osibajo and Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso while addressing Journalists at Kano government house, Kano

The certificate scandal brewing around the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress [APC] General Mohammadu Buhari may have worsened following the military’s disclosure that it does not have any documentary records suggesting General Buhari’s attended secondary education. This disclosure which was made yesterday [January 20, 2015] shuck the polity causing the members of the APC into asking its presidential candidate to address the Nigerian populace on the whereabouts of his missing secondary school certificate – that he had earlier sworn to the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] to have lodged with the Nigerian Military Board.

WASC Certificate: Did Buhari Lie Under Oath To The INEC?


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The Nigerian Army [NA] had made the statement through its director of public relations, Brig. Gen. O. Laleye stating that…

His [Buhari] application was duly endorsed by the Principal of the school, who also wrote a report on him and recommended him to be suitable for military commission. It is a practice in the NA that before candidates are shortlisted for commissioning into the officers’ cadre of the Service, the Selection Board verifies the original copies of credentials that are presented. However, there is no available record to show that this process was followed in the 1960s. Nevertheless, the entry made on the NA Form 199A at the point of documentation after commission as an officer indicated that the former Head of State obtained the West African School Certificate (WASC) in 1961 with credits in relevant subjects: English Language, Geography, History, Health Science, Hausa and a pass in English Literature. Neither the original copy, Certified True Copy (CTC) nor statement of result of Major General M Buhari’s WASC result is in his personal file.”

Through the prodding by concerned chieftains of the APC, Buhari buckled and submitted to a the press briefing in Kano where he stated that he was surprised to learn the Military had no records of his having attended secondary school.

“I attended Provincial Secondary School, Katsina. I graduated in 1961 with many prominent Nigerians, including General Shehu Yar’Adua, former chief of staff at the Supreme Headquarters, and Justice Umaru Abdullahi, a former President of the Court of Appeal. We sat for the University of Cambridge/WASC Examination together in 1961, the year we graduated. My examination number was 8280002, and I passed the examination in the Second Division.”   

General Buhari went further to disclose that his supposed alma mater will issue copies of his certificate to the public to view. Of which, the school issued the copies later in the day following Buhari’s press briefing.

But the released certificate by the same alma mater appeared to have done more damage to the former military dictator of Nigeria. It raised more doubts and questions – than it answered. Some of the informed political observers indicate that the certificate may have proved conclusively that Buhari did not attend secondary school.

One of the contradicting questions raised was Buhari’s Buhari’s claim of having graduated with the late Shehu Yar’Adua in 1961. But cursory investigatory into Buhari’s claim show the transverse. Available records from Wikipedia indicates that the late Yardua joined the army in 1959 and not in 1961 – and so could not have graduated with Buhari in 1961. [see snapshot of the Wikipedia page below – source: ]


Major General Shehu Musa Yar'Adua - on wikipedia
Major General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua – on wikipedia

Also, another striking discrepancy appears in the number of subjects listed by the Nigerian Army as having been in the WASC results of Buhari – against the number subject in the certificate released by the school.

The result Buhari filed in Nigeria Army – according to the Nigerian Army comprises – English Language, Geography, History, Health Science, Hausa and a pass in English Literature [6 subjects]. But in the one released by the school comprises – English, Hausa, literature, History, Geography, Mathematics, health science and Wood work [8 subjects].

Buhari's Cambridge result
Buhari’s Cambridge result
page 2 of Buhari's Cambridge result
page 2 of Buhari’s Cambridge result

Hausa was not offered in 1961… see below



  1. To start with get serious and do proper research. Nobody uses wikipedia for anything serious. Just junk and lazy journalism you are practising. Go and check page 27 of Yardua’s own book, ‘A life of service’, and you will discover where it was stated that Yardua and Buhari sat for the army exam the same year.

  2. is this a joke. Citing wikipedia and proving buhari was not in the same class as shehu yardua. That is not proof because in wikipedia anyone could edit it. This is why it is not advisable to have it as a reference.

    And the army says buhari has 6 subjects while the certificate says 8. Don’t you seee that he failed 2 subjects and was admitted with the 6 the military said? please do your research before spreading your mischievious propaganda and get your facts right

  3. And there is no discrepancy between the subject the army listed and what its in the certificate. What Buhari listed in the army form were subjects he passed. The needed five subjects and he listed them. Maths and Woodworks were the subjects he had F9 and so he did not list them, as they were not necessary. You need to do journalism beyond hate and propaganda, then you will see clearly.

  4. This report is the most egregious and the most nonsensical on the certificate issue. Number of subjects passed does not mean number of subjects one sat for. In the day, it was the subject passed that mattered, and not the total subjects sat for. The calculation for which division one falls into—division one, division two, division three, calculate the numbers of subject passed rather than the total number of subjects sat for. People who have no knowledge and incapable of proper journalistic investigation.

    • You ARE wise my dear. The report makes reference to what was retrieved on Wikipedia. They are so daft to know that even in our universities in UK, if you cite and put them in your reference, YOU WILL FAIL!!!
      Nigerian media is still on the Gabbage-in-gabbage-out level. All these their politics only scores more for Buhari. Ok where are certified copies of Sambo’s credentials???

  5. Many institutions changed names.
    But when one look for certain
    past information or document,
    one can still obtain it at the same
    institutions with the changed
    names. This is the common
    practice everywhere. Now,
    Provincial College Katsina turned
    to Government College Katsina. It
    does not matter when Katsina
    State was created. The institution
    remains there. Buhari did not
    write WAEC or NECO. He actually
    took Cambridge/WASC in 1961.
    They were 18 in their class. Just as
    he said during the press
    conference he called, his class
    mates includes the late rtd.
    General Shehu Musa ‘Yar’adua etc
    (as he mentioned) . Now the
    CAMBRIDGE/WASC is still there.
    All the Names, subjects and scores
    of all the students who sat for the
    CAMBRIDGE/WASC dated 1961
    were there. The students EXAMS
    NUMBERS tallied. In the press
    conference Buhari qouted exactly
    his Exams number. The statement
    of results you see above is
    currently filled in by the SCHOOL
    information is from the master
    result sheet of Cambridge/WASC
    1961 sent to the PROVINCIAL
    KATSINA . You see, WAEC or
    NECO do not send STATEMENTS
    OF RESULTS with schools head
    papers. They send MASTER
    RESULT SHEET and the school one
    attended fills the results on the
    school letter headed paper and
    then issue same to respective
    students as STATEMENTS OF
    SHEETS remain with the school in
    secret records. When ever an old
    student lost his copy, the student
    can make a request for another
    copy. On request, the new issue
    must bear current date and sign
    of the school principal incharge at
    the time the request was made.
    Of course it must be on the
    school at the time of the request.
    I hope all this helps all the
    ignoramus out there. Otherwise
    your situation is beyond
    redemption and all I can advice
    you to do in Adams Oshiomhole ‘s
    voice is to “GO AND DIE.”

  6. From the research carried out GMB truly passed through Provincial Secondary School. And citing pg 27 of Yar’ Adua book concludes the argument.

  7. Nigeria will b beta if we can stop politics of hatreds, religion n tribalism. I ain’t a politician but I’l still vote Buhari wether he has waec result or not cos i didn’t feel any impact of government on me neither the majority masses, gej transformation agenda only reflects on corrupt politicians like him who want to loot Naija dry. I pray d spirit of living n dead masses will hunt corrupt politicians (AMEN)

  8. Any one who is not satisfied can simply go to court to contest it. The more some of you investigate this matter the more you expose your ignorant. I rest my case.

  9. GEJites what you are doing over Buhari’s certificate saga was absolutely nonesensical because former president of Nigeria obasanjo clearly stated that Jonathan is fully aware that Buhari is qualified to run the 14th february polls. How would a reasonable and civilized person cites a reference with wikipedia reports because we all known that wikipedia reports, google reports and even email reports are subject to amendment day and night. Therefore, jonathan and his team suppose to come out publicly and seek for repentance on this issue.

  10. Lete me draw this to the attention of public concerning Buhari’s certificate and statement of results that if you offered 9 subjects in the WAEC Examination and you passed 6 subjects and failed 3,WAEC will only release and indicate only the 6 subjects that you passed and ignores the 3 failed subjects.But all the subjects and its grades will be indicated in the statement of results issued by the school authority.So those that want Buhari down should note this that seeing 6 subjects only while one offers 9 subjects does not potrays the results fake or invalid.Understanding this,we should ask all Buhari’s critics to show us their certificate and statement of results because I don’t think they sat for WAEC since they could not analyse simple difference and ethics of WAEC and secondary school authority.

    • Only your original certificate or a certified copy can convince your prospective employer that you passed through secondary school. Anybody can forge a statement of result from anywhere to claim he/she had passed through secondary school/
      Make una no the blow all these grammar aimed at making Nigeria a most mocked nation in the world; aimed at making going to school become irrelevant for the youths.

      Where were Fashola, Oshiomwhole, Nda-Issa and Okorocha when APC made a man like Buhari its presidential candidate?

      By the way, Buhari has since been known as Muhammadu, how come the statement of result bears the name Mohamed? Has Buharai any official change of name declaration?


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