South-West Muslim Council Backs Jonathan



Muslim council in South-West has debunked insinuations that Yoruba Muslims are to vote for Buhari, describing such reports as “pure lie.”

The Secretary-General of the Muslim council, Mallam Hakeem Adelani, told Sunday Tribune that
“Yoruba Muslims are very objective people who do not vote on religious sentiments. We are not goats or rams that you just march and sell in political market.

“Why should we vote Buhari? Why should we vote for Jonathan? What have both men done for Yoruba people? For us, we have seen Lagos –Ibadan express road.
If the man can complete that road alone, he has our support.

“Jonathan has done for Yoruba, what our son, Olusegun Obasanjo, failed to do for us. Our main airport in Ibadan is having a new look. Many power plants are in Yorubaland. Our railway is working. Jonathan has done well for the Yoruba,” he said.

“And let me tell you another reason Yoruba Muslims will back Jonathan. His deputy is a Muslim who grew up in Yorubaland and understands us so much.Buhari has picked a Christian from South-
West as his deputy. He has snubbed the 55 per cent Muslims in Yorubaland,” he said.

Adelani disclosed that the council would soon commence a mosque to mosque campaign on why Jonathan is better than Buhari.



  1. This is a group working for Jonathan branded Yoruba muslim , they are few in number they can never be mouthpies for Yoruba muslim. With the division Jonathan has caused Nigerians in religion line where there is no oneness again, will that make a sensible group or individual sell their support to such person? Nigerians are fed up of this deceit, misappropriate and poverty grooming government, change must come 2015 by God’s grace.

    • Jonathan never caused any division in Nigeria. It is those who promised that Nigeria shall be ungovernable under some circumstances who caused division along religious lines in Nigeria. They unleashed Boko Haram violence against Nigeria to make small-brained and gullible people like you demonize Jonathan, and vote for Buhari who insisted that Nigerian be ruled by sharia laws.


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