Holy Swindler On Rampage In Ebonyi…Uses Girl, 15 As Bait

Oluchi on the hospital bed
Oluchi on the hospital bed
Oluchi on the hospital bed

From Nweke Nweke, Onitsha


While good spirited individuals and groups are sweating to raise money to save the life of little Miss Oluchi Nwali, a native of Okposi Umuoghara community in Ebonyi state, a suspected syndicate specialized in using predicaments that befell people in the society to make money is smiling to the bank.


247ureports gathered that one Dr. Chukwudi Onyekwere a sacked staff of one oil company in Port-Harcourt has allegedly resorted to advanced fee fraud by using people who have problems to make money as he is accused to have opened an account with United Bank of Africa, UBA for unsuspecting members of the public to pay money in disguise to help the ailing victims.


Trouble started when Chukwudi allegedly opened an account with UBA 2068361880 titled Henry Nwali where an undisclosed amount of money running into millions of naira was paid by good spirited individuals and groups including the government of Ebonyi state where the victim hails from.


It was further gathered that the initial N300, 0000 paid by the Ezza North council chairman, Mr. Jeff Ogbu was not accounted for while undisclosed amount of money released by Ebonyi state Governor, Chief Martin Elechi through the office of the Secretary to the State Government, SSG, Chief Fidelis Mbam running into millions were not also accounted for by the so called good Samaritan, Dr.  Chukwudi, a purported medical doctor.


He was alleged to have visited the office of the SSG, Ebonyi state but when he allegedly noticed movement of security agents in plain clothes,  he allegedly left unannounced when he felt the state government had discovered his shoddy deals with the health of Oluchi.


A family source to the victim said Chukwudi since the first publication of the health challenges of Oluchi in some national dailies have refused to show up at the hospital where Oluchi is currently undergoing dialysis that gulps N75, 000 every week, leaving the family to suspect foul play.


Trouble started when Onyekwere allegedly went back to the state government to demand for N9 million for kidney transplant for Oluchi in India which did not go down well with the state government that suspected foul play.


“As it stands now, the Ebonyi state government has declared Chukwudi wanted for allegedly defrauding the state government by pretending to be helping the girl while in the real sense of it he was actually using her to swindle the state government. He is demanding for N9 million just for kidney transplant and he has refused to account for the enough money he has received through donor agencies from the bank account he opened for Oluchi to her family. We also noticed he has been doing this business for some time now since he lost his job with one oil company”


The Chairman of Ezze North council area of Ebonyi state, Mr. Jeff Ogbu confirmed that he was directed by the state governor to help the sick girl and also said that his initial N300, 000 was given to the masked faced Chukwudi Onyekwere for the help of the girl which did not go up again.


Unfortunately for little Miss Oluchi Nwali, a native of Okposi Umuoghara community in Ezza North council area of Ebonyi state, life is nothing but full of miseries.  Poor Oluchi who lost her father long time ago has been grappling with abject poverty alongside her mother, a local farmer who depends on little farm yields to survive.


Before the latest development that has finally confided Oluchi to the sick bed following renal failure, Oluchi was a promising young girl who had ambition of becoming a great woman.


Recently, Oluchi was diagnosed with chronic renal failure which gulps N76, 000 every week despite the hard bite of economic situation of the girl’s family. Presently according to Oluchi’s elder brother (name withheld), there is indication that the girl may be sent out of the hospital where she is receiving treatment if they fail to continue with payment for her medication.


Oluchi is lying critically ill at the Neo hospital and dialysis centre, Enugu where she is receiving dialysis every week at the rate of N76, 000. She cried out loud from her sick bed to Governor Martin Elechi of Ebonyi state and the local government chairman of Ezza North council area, Mr. Jeff Ogbu, Comrade Chinedu Ogah and other good spirited individuals to come to her aide.


She said “to feed now and continue with the dialysis is a very big challenge. The doctors said that I need N9.5million for kidney transplant abroad, I appeal to my beloved Governor and other good philanthropists to save my life. I am in need of N9.5million for my treatment. Please save my life” she said in a very deep sobbing voice.


However, when contacted, Onyekwere said he was only helping the sick girl to regain her health, but could not state clearly how much he has recovered from Ebonyi state government and good spirited individuals and groups since his business with the health of Miss Oluchi.




  1. Mr Nweke Nweke or what you call yourself, i am very much aware of this case, you wrote this article in order not to pay the 70k you and your partner in crime journalists Emmanuel Igwe. C with account number 2691007013 ECO bank duped the good samaritan helping the poor Oluchi Nwali promising to publish one of the articles he wrote about te young girl in front page of one of the national dailies but failed to deliver your agreement with him, when he called you to return back the money you duped him, instead of returning the money, you resorted to negative Propaganda, Well let me tell you that as one of the good spirited Nigerian who have gone to see and spent my money to make sure this innocent girl is given another chance to live, but you have chosen to blackmail an innocent young man, let it be known to you that your family will continue to suffer from KIDNEY FAILURE until you come out openly and confess to the general public and Nigeria all you know about this case.
    Be ready to face the wrath of God!

  2. It is not in my character to reply a fool by his own words but permit me to address Dr. Chukwudi Onyekwere a sacked staff of one oil company in Port-Harcourt as a desperate man who takes advantage of other people’s predicaments to smile to his bank in the pretext of assisting or helping such a person.

    Must you, Dr. Chukwudi Onyekwere go about defrauding unsuspecting members of the public to help or assist any one you feel like helping? You said in your posted comment that you gave 70k to one Emmanuel Igwe C via account number 2691007013 ECO bank, could you have voiced it out if I had not exposed your fraudulent attitude in this online?

    You claimed I, Nweke Nweke duped you and which of the police Station you reported your case. Even if you paid money to someone you claimed you have transaction with, did you investigate to know if I am involved in it. Remember you told me when I called you with your GSM line, 08034660456 that you paid money to one Emmanuel Igwe to remit such to Daily Sun editor in Lagos and now you turned out to accuse me. Run to the sun, sea and land, your sin must find you out as EFCC will soon start to trace you.

    Invite me to any police station in Nigeria, I will come to clear myself and at the end, you are going to sell all you have t pay me compensation for opening your mouth so wide in accusing somebody you never met, had transaction, or discuss with over the girl you are using her poor condition to reap and milk people dry. God is watching you as the money you duped from Ezza North LGA boss, Ebonyi State Government will turn out be as cause on you while Oluchi will be healed from the Kidney affliction.


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