Obiano Lied On Anambra Gubernatorial Polls



The claim in Abuja by Chief Willie Obiano, factional candidate of APGA in the bungled and discredited gubernatorial elections of November 2013 that he won the Anambra State Governorship election on the records of another person is an assault on the intelligence and sensibilities of the nation, let alone Anambra State.

The truth is that Obiano did not win the November 2013 gubernatorial elections, and the good news is that and he and his collaborators know it.

Anambra will not allow Obiano to tell a lie 100 times, hoping to convert it to the truth.

Even the organisers of the election, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), still aspiring to be truly independent have confessed that the elections were compromised, and the double-registering Obiano knows this.

Little wonder such contaminated comments have only been and could only be made outside Anambra State in the safe embrace of the violators of Anambra democratic rights.

It would have therefore contained greater respect for Anambra State, the nation and the world if Mir Obiano did not say a word, rather than open his mouth to denigrate Anambra State before a section of the international community in Abuja who know the truth.

Besides we are aware that that statement was intended as a decoy to cover up Obiano’s real mission in Abuja on that occasion, which is strongly connected to perverting justice in on-going judicial processes against him connected to the charade of an election he claims to have won, and the criminal liabilities of Obiano, appertaining thereto.

We have sufficient details on the latter incident to keep the political and economic future of Anambra State covered and wish to warn Obinao and his die-in –the- wool backers on wuru wuru matters, across arms, organs and agencies of government, that no stone would be left unturned in opening up the object of the mission which in our assessment is dirtier than the collegiate vote rigging on 16th, 17th and 30th November 2013.

We trust that Anambra State will not have cause to be in the news for the wrong reasons before justice is done on the matter of the November elections which underscored all the weaknesses of the Nigerian federation in one fell swoop.

Okelo Madukaife

Deputy Director,Media & Publicity

Chris Ngige Campaign Organization-NGIGE 2014

Opposite Government House,

Awka,Anambra State.



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