Kaura Killlings: Namadi Sambo Orders Arrest of Environment Minister’s Senior Aide


Information reaching 247ureports.com through competent sources in Kaduna indicate that the political powers in Kaduna maybe indirectly connected with the slow genocidal killings occurring in the Christian dominated southern Kaduna. Available information indicates that the Vice President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Architect Namadi Sambo ordered the arrest of the media aide to the federal minister of Environment, Reuben Buhari – following a recent post on a southern Kaduna based facebook group.

part of the carnage of the Fulani attack of southern kaduna
part of the carnage of the Fulani attack of southern kaduna
the damage to kaura communities
the damage to kaura communities

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Reuben Buhari, who was the chief press secretary to the late governor of Kaduna State, Gov. Patrick Yakowa until the death of the governor – had posted pictures of the gory attack by supposed Fulani herdsmen on the communities of Kaura LGA. The pictures which were obtained by Mr. Buhari immediately following the attack – depicted the gory nature of the attack and the bloody nature of the aftermath. He posted the picture on the facebook group [Gurara group].

Following the posting, some of the members of the group raised objection to the pictures citing that the pictures were too gory to be posted on facebook. The complaint led to Mr. Buhari’s removal of the pictures – along with an apology.

But it did not end there.

The next day, Mr. Buhari was invited to the police commissioner’s office in Kaduna – for interrogation. As Buhari arrived, he was shown the said pictures – which the police boss had printed out. The two men had a brief discussion – and a few minutes the police boss allowed Buhari to go home.

Later in the evening of this same day, the police commissioner received a call ‘believed’ to be from the vice president’s office in Abuja – inquiring for the whereabouts of Mr. Reuben Buhari. The police boss, in reply, told the caller that they had released Mr. Buhari. In furious anger, the caller, ordered the police officer to go and ‘arrest’ Mr. Reuben Buhari and deliver him to Abuja. The caller also ordered for the case to be transferred to Abuja.


Mr Buhari was picked up by the police in Kaduna around 3:30pm of today [Tuesday] headed for Abuja – where it is believed – he will be held in custody.


  1. Is Namadi Sambo the CP in charge of Kaduna or is he the IGP of Nigeria? In the first place what crime did Reuben Buhari commit by putting the gory pictures on the Facebook? I don’t get it!

  2. Namadi Sambo is both VP and Kaduna State Gov. Technically, he is the chief security officer of the state since his deputy, Ramalan Yero only does what he directs. We don’t have a governor in Kaduna State. All the monies meant for the state are channeled to Namadi Sambo’s account. This is what you get when the president hands over a state to his deputy. President Jonathan doesn’t care about what goes on in Kaduna State since it is a Namadi Sambo State!


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