Right group slams Kaduna LG Chairmen over foreign trips, non performance


Centre for Development Right Advocacy (CEDRA) yesterday slammed the chairmen of the 23 Local government Councils in Kaduna State over frequent foreign trips without provision of dividend of democracy to the grass root.

CEDRA said the Local government collaborated with the state government and have been going on foreign trips in the US and UK, countries they said did not share things in common with the Nigeria’s grass root problems.

At a media chat in Kaduna, CEDRA spokesman, Dr. John Danfulani said: “The Local government chairmen in Kaduna state have fail in the past one year because non of them have embarked on a project worth N5 million.

“Despite millions of Naira allocated to the local governments, non of them have executed a project worth N5 million for the benefit of the local communities. Last year, they went to UK, his year they went to China. Some LGs councillors complained and they were taken to Kenya. All the trips are cleared by the Kaduna state government,” Danfulani said.

“We want to know the connection of these trips to the development of the grass root,” he added.

The group alleged that all the 23 Local government have been forced to construct a fire substation at the cost of N12 million for build and additional N37 million for the purchase of the fire fighting engines.

“The contract is awarded to one single individual that is not even a contractor. It is an economic sabotage because many people bid for the contract. Can’t the LG chairmen have independent and award the contract to 23 people from these LGs?” The group asked.

“Our security has been compromised, no project to uplift the people of Kaduna state. From what we have gathered, Kaduna state house of Assembly illegally injected N17 million in each constituencies of the LGs’s budget as constituency project. People of great mines must stand up to fight for justice,” CEDRA said.


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