The recently concluded gubernatorial elections in Anambra State may continue to linger in the minds of many keen observers of the Nigerian democratic experience as one of the ‘neatly’ rigged elections in the history of Nigeria’s young democracy.

New information made available to reveals another new flaw in the voters register prepared by the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] – which enables for rigging to occur unchecked and undetected.

One of the voters registers obtained was the one for the polling units where Governor Peter Obi home is located – Peter Obi’s polling unit [Umudimakasi Square]. The voters register which was released by INEC on November 8, 2013 showed a voter’s strenght of 679 for the said polling unit.

Interestingly, the voters register showed registrants without photographs, or names, or age or any form of identifiction – but a voters identification number [VIN] were assigned to the registrants nonetheless [See excerpt below]. This means the register had nine [9] ghosts registrants.

On election day, the nine ghost registrants casted their vote – their identities unknown. The interesting question some political observers ask was what the identities of the ghost voters? and whether it was widespread throughtout the polling booths across the state?

Click here to view the voters register


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