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6 Comments to: PhotoNews: APGA Primaries

  1. Oracle

    August 30th, 2013

    Ngige is the best material for Anambra now. Peter Obi tried, but did not do well enough to become a god-father and plant his stooge business partner to replace him. Obi scored another first again recently -the first Gov to have the most poorly paid civil service.

  2. Igboman

    August 30th, 2013

    @Joe Igbokwe, With all due respect, you cannot be in Lagos as a mouth-piece for APC and determine who will win Anambra Election. I am very sure you will not even vote and even those who had planned to vote for Ngige will no longer do so when they know you are supporting him. You are a notorious anti-Igbo and anti-Anambra sell out. We Igbos and Anambrarians will NEVER forget your write-ups during the deportation of Igbos from Nigeria to Nigeria. If you want to know how un-popular you are, go to Anambra and vie for an election, you will not get more than 10votes which will come from you and your immediate family who still don’t know that you’ve sold your soul!

  3. APGA South African Chapter

    August 28th, 2013

    @ Joe Igbokwe, how can you forget so easily? How dare you not know that the Anambra/Nigerian electorate have been very dissapointed by the so-called experienced Nigerian politicians? Can you not see what Peter did in Anambra state even when he was then reffered to as a new commer? Can you not see the work in progress in the Imo state that is led by a first-timer in the name of Okorocha? Anambra electorate knows what they want and not necessaringly what name to vote for. Anambra electorate know that Obiano and the APGA coloration is the best option they have. Anambra electorate understands the regional political developement that is ever growing in Nigeria. The voters in Anambra state knows that Ngige and his APC/ACN is a non-Anambrian. The voters cannot forget that your Ngige was a supporter of anti-Anambra people’s fundermental rights of free movement in Nigeria. They will not vote for the Ngige that does not know what his people want in the Senate. They will not vote for your Ngige that is simply a populist(an agbero). Can you not see now that you cannot afford to waste your own vote? Your singular vote counts. Invest it for the betterment of Anambra people. Do not give your Anambra vote to the ACN of Yorubaland or the APC of the Hausa-Yoruba oligachy. Don’t even think of the People’s Destructive Party. Invest your singular vote wisely. Give it to APGA as you remain your brother’s keeper.

  4. Onuoha Davidson

    August 27th, 2013

    time will tell

  5. August 26th, 2013

    Is this a ward-level primary or a state-wide one? If this is state level, APGA is basically confined to Awka alone.

    Very small crowd.

  6. Joe igbokwe

    August 26th, 2013

    Ngige is the owner of the game! Anambra people do not need learner,they need a tested and trused Driver to drive the big and functional car called Anambra State. These amateur cadidates are making the road easy for Senator Ngige to travel.