Letter to Gov Peter Obi: Information Request On Award Of Contract To Reconstruct Ekwulobia-Nkpologwu-Akpo-Achina-Umuchu Road


May 7 2013

The Executive Governor

Anambra State of Nigeria


Dear Sir,



Sir, on January 6 2009 you awarded the above contract for sum of N804, 687,438.01 to Vission Cont.Co.Ltd with a completion period of 64 weeks.

The Commissioner of Works Engr.U.Uddoh did sign the award letter.

Kindly confirm to us, pursuant to the FOI ACT 2011, if the said contract has been completed since the duration given the company has lapsed.


Thanks and best wishes








  1. The Principal at ST.FRANCIS XAVIER SOLICITORS AND ADVOCATES, thanks for bringing this issue up. There are many of us who are passionate about this road. This road served Igbos very well during the war. It connects to the hinter area of Oneh, Ogboji etc; one of the bread basket areas of the State. The politics being played with this road and the people of the area makes one helpless and hopeless in asking for what is one’s right.

    I come from Achina and have writen a lot on this road with information on the award of the contract. I have spoken to the offices in charge of this road. The answer from the Government is that the inital contractor made away with N77 million mobilization fund given to the firm. I wonder how a Government can give a down payment to an untested firm. That is a settlement to a campaign contributor. The road is being worked on now but it will make no sense if it does not go towards Ogboji and Oneh. The damage from erosion will be devastating for those who live to the left of Oye Achina towards St. Peter’s College..

    The road in question starts at Mkpologwu to Oye Achina (a T-junction), and goes right to Umuchu. What happens to the road that goes left towards Ogboji? Doesn’t it make sense to tar the road down to Ogboji area too?

    There are too many questions that we need to ask Mr. Obi, the Governor. The money for our Local Government area, the non-conduct of local government election, the sparce infrastructural projects as compared to the Federal fund accruing to the area. Since Mrs. Okunna (from Uga) and Engr. Ilozumba (in-law to Achina) who are close to the Governor cannot speak for us, I thank you for bringing this up. I hope that the courts will be our last resort to actually know what happened to the funds that are rightfully and legally ours but controlled and dispensed by Mr. Obi. You have our support. Please do not relent for if we do not ask for what is rightfully and legally ours, nobody will.

  2. It was not awarded for completion. It was awarded to ganner old aguata votes in 2010. But ka m jua, gini ka old aguata mere nwoke a. Look around our place. We have remained static in Peter obi’s seven years rule. If he does anything now, it would be cos of his desperation to continue to rule Anambra by proxy. In Peter Obi’s Anambra State, road contracts are awarded only in anticipation of elections, and when they are done, say in 2012, they are ready for patching in 2013. It’s a shame.


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