Amaechi’s suspension,Tyrannical and Reckless – US Group




Amaechi’s suspension,Tyrannical and Reckless – US Group

The International Centre for Advancement of Justice and Peace in Emerging Democracies (ICJAPED), a US based Non-Governmental Organisation,
has dismissed Governor Amaechi’s purported suspension from the PDP as illegal, null and void.”
“Amaechi’s suspension from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is an affront on the Collective psyche of Nigerians as well as an acceptance of the victory of Governor Amaechi in the Nigerian Governor’s Forum election.”

“The PDP action is part of an evil plot to stop me from contesting the 2015 presidential election. By the grace of God, such sinister plot will fail.”

“It is most unfortunate, tragic and odious that the PDP is taking action at this time our democracy should be seen to be growing. This is a clear evidence of the Illegality, tyranny, blackmail, pettiness ,incompetence,recklessness and arrogant misuse of power by President Jonathan and his lackeys, or garrison boys in the PDP. The only difference between this and a military government is that the players involved in the current charade are all civilians with no military uniforms. ”

We urge Amaechi to remain unruffled by this latest move to destroy him and continue to focus on his developmental strides instead of thinking of this Jonathan contrivance which has rubbished all claims to decency, statesmanship and integrity that the President claims.

“History will judge all of us. The destruction of our institutions and values in pursuit of petty personal interest as well as egomaniac domination of our political space will fail abysmally like a pack of cards”.

“The circle is complete and this is the time for all men and women of goodwill to stand up for truth and to resist evil. We all should rally round Amaechi

Dr. Stephen Briggs
Co-ordinator of African Region




  1. All of them are no respecters of law, democracy and good governance. The governors and president are the same when it comes to illegality and opaque governance. Nigeria must be free.

  2. Gov. Amechi should be forgiven, even if he’s also very stuborn. I think he had learnt a lesson for his stubborness.

  3. It is all sad. I’ve already said a lot. A country with no respect to due process and decent judiciary is like a freight train racing off a cliff.


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