Update: Attack on Ringim, 5 Security Personnel Dead

charred patrol van in front of the IG's resident
charred patrol van in front of the IG’s resident

The continued attack by Jihadist based groups on select installations in northern Nigeria appear to be intensifying following the attempt by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan to constitute an amnesty program for the Jihadist group. The latest of the attacks came yesterday night at 9:30pm near the home of a former Inspector General of Police [IGP], Hafiz Ringim in Ringim town of Jigawa State.

According to the Information reaching  247reports.com, unknown gunmen suspected to be members of the Jihadist group, the Boko Haram staged a coordinated attack on multiple target near the home of the former IGP – including the home of the IGP. As gathered, the gunmen had attacked a Unity Bank located adjacent to the IGP’s home after the bombed tossed at the IGP’s home failed to detonate. Two guards at the Unity Bank were killed in the attack. Following the attack at the Bank, the gunmen launched at the police station – also located near the home of the IGP. The attack at the police station resulted in the killing of 3 police officers. A police van was charred in the process.

The deputy governor of Jigawa State confirmed the killings of 5 security personnel [3 police officers and 2 Bank guards] to 247ureports.com. But the police spokesperson denied that the gunmen were members of Boko Haram. The spokesman indicated that the gunmen were criminals who had attempted to rob the bank but failed.




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