Election Irregularities Behind Boko Haram – Cleric



Onitsha based preacher Evangelist Theo Rays has observed that Election irregularities such like imposition of candidates and rigging following the return of Democracy in Nigeria in 1999 is the main cause of Boko Haram insurgence in some Northern part of the country noting that there is an important lesson that  people especially leaders have to learn from the sect .

Speaking in Onitsha on what he described as “Revelation about Nigeria and Christianity from the Holy Spirit” he said that there were other issues that worry the terrorists but what angers them mostly is rigging of election pointing out that they are unhappy with corruption in government circle, Nigeria’s education system and massive growth of Christianity as well progress of non Moslems.

The preacher who is the overseer of Gospel Mission Outreach Ministry explained that the insurgence has assumed more dangerous dimension as prominent people who   have the grace to attack the problem but are in opposition to government prefer to use it to carpet the administration of President Jonathan as a failure instead of making efforts to curb the deadly activities of sect.

He dismissed Amnesty as the solution to the sect terror attack advising that government and northern leaders have to go into research with Religious leaders joining in the research work with a view to discover how to arrest the terrorism in the north as according to him the group is unlikely to accept the terms and conditions of the Amnesty .

“Like I said earlier on, there is something to learn from Boko Haram, and government and other section of leaders have to investigate on it.  Ordinarily the Nigeria situation which is now looking like a “sinking sand” is calling for investigations and research for us to know why things are massively going wrong in our land” he added

On the state of Christianity he added that the quest for material things is hindering Christians from receiving what he called “the deluge of Holy Spirit” that God wishes to grant believers for greater evangelism in today‘s world, saying emphatically that most Christians just have to repent like every other unbelievers consequent upon errors and false hood they live on.

He continued: “preachers are more after members and money and thus they tell the people what they want to hear, put them in a condition to follow and not to learn and know with lies and heresy thereby blocking God’s original intentions”




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