“Probe Ihejirika” – Arewa Consultative Forum


19th February, 2013

The National Working Committee (NWC) of ACF met on the 19th February, 2013, in its Conference Hall, Kaduna. The meeting was well attended and chaired by Alh. Aliko Mohammed, the Dan Iyan Misau.

After some lengthy deliberations on issues of nation importance, and of real concern to the people, it was resolved that the following statement be issued.

2).     NWC considered the controversies surrounding the exercises of recruitment and promotions in some security agencies as they affect northerners with serious sense of concern. It was against such back-drop that the Forum called on northern governors to use their commissioners in the Federal Character Commission to investigate the allegations with a view to ensuring that the North is not short changed.

3).     The meeting also viewed with serious sense  of concern and sadness the recent attacks on the convoy of the Emir of Kano and the killings and kidnapping of some foreigners in some part of the North. The Forum, therefore, called on those who derive pleasure in killing other people to lay down their arms and embrace peaceful means of addressing perceived grievances, lest the whole world decides not to do business with Nigeria as a result of the emerging violent culture that had hitherto been alien to the North.


Anthony N. Z. Sani

National Publicity-Secretary  



  1. Imagine all these trash simply because an Easterner is now Chief of Army staff, AREWA or whatever you call yourselves pls brace up for worst events.

  2. you should also probe the inspector General of Police who is posting only Northern commisioner to t kill the Easterners and dump them into the river. He is now promoting the Northern officers in the police to the detriment of other tribes and nobody is talking. Nigeria does not belong to the North and the ealeir they know this the better for them. First solve the problem in your area like your primary teachers that could not pass form 4 exam etc

  3. It is now clear to everybody that Arewa believes it owns Nigeria. Arewa used mostly its soldiers all the 38 years it led Nigeria to post whoever Arewa pleased to any position, restructure Nigeria by appropriating so many states to Arewa, appropriating so many representative constituencies to Arewa – few or no body complained.
    But just because an Igbo is heading the army which Arewa for decades monopolized, Arewa is now complaining.
    Nigeria is hardly a country, talk less a nation.

    Not until Arewa gives in to an Igbo president of Nigeria in 2015, One Nigeria shall continue to be a mirage.

    All the other groups in Nigeria had led the country except the Igbo. After Igbo presidency, we shall start with merit to search for leaders. For now, we shall not shift the goal post at the middle of a football match.

  4. I welcome that probe and I want it to begin now. That’s because, at its conclusion, it will become obvious that Nd’Igbo are the ones that have really been seriously short changed in every way and form in Nigeria!

    Such probe should also extend into the Customs, EFCC, Police, NNPC, Oil blocks, Privatization, etc.

    Arewa Consultative Forum (Association of Certified Feudalists) should bring it on, we are waiting for them to make that move!

    –Collins Ezebuihe

  5. Was your report abridged? If it was not,I did not see where the Arewa group specifically asked for the probing the Chief of Army Staff.If they said security agencies,that may have referred to Police,Customs,EFCC etc. So is something missing in your story or did I miss part of it?


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