Press Statement: Gov Amaechi’s Systematic Ride to Tyranny



It has become imperative for our great party to call on the Rivers State House of Assembly, the National Assembly and indeed all lovers of democracy to initiate and start moves to remove from office with immediate effect, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, the imperial governor of Rivers State. Our call is predicated on our patriotic zeal to save the good people of Rivers State, in particular and Nigeria in general, from the huge embarrassment which Governor Amaechi’s misrule has brought upon our nascent democracy.

In Rivers State, where he holds sway like an imperial dictator, Governor Amaechi has declared war on the masses and continued to visit pain and hardship on the people through his ill advised policies. The wanton and mindless act of harassment, intimidation and the demolition of the properties of our people in Port Harcourt without recourse to the rule of the land speaks volume of the Governor’s perception of the good people of Rivers State as a conquered people who he is at will to visit pain under the guise of a questionable urban renewal policy.

We continue to view with trepidation and angst, Governor Amaechi’s well documented excesses, gross abuse of power and executive rascality, which if not curtailed will impact negatively on our democracy.

It is unfortunate to note that the doctrine of separation of power around which our presidential democracy revolves has been trampled upon and made mince meat in utter disdain of those sacred institutions by Governor Amaechi. The local government system continues to bear the brunt of his executive rascality as he continues to appoint and sack elected local government officials at will. This is undemocratic, anti development and unacceptable.

We call on the people and indeed all lovers of democracy to resist this brazen act of impunity.

Rather than expend his youthful energies in this unnecessary wanton display of pride and power, we urge Gov. Amaechi to be focused and respond to mirage of allegations that he is using Rivers Tax Payers money to bribe Northerners to oil his presidential ambition. We also call on Amaechi to discontinue forthwith, the use of state funds to wage propaganda war on pages of newspapers against President Goodluck Jonathan and the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Elder Godsday Orubebe.

Amaechi should use the huge resources at his disposal to fix the various bad roads across the State and provide water for the people.

The usurpation of the functions of the legislature and the judiciary by the Teflon Governor is a sad chapter in our nation.

These and other sundry acts of intolerance, high handedness and disdain for the people have dragged the name of the Governors’ Forum, of which he is their chairman to the mud and only his immediate removal from the exalted office will save the Forum from further opprobrium.

We believe the Governors’ Forum is made up of true democrats and progressives, whose reputations have been tainted by Governor Amaechi’s power drunkenness, lack of tact and garrulous disposition.

As chairman of the Governors’ Forum, he now perceives himself as larger than life, periodically picking up avoidable quarrels with the President and in the same case lampooning the office of the President without provocation. The spiraling controversy emanating from his notorious confrontations with the Presidency is dragging the noble vision of which the Forum was founded. We call on principled members of the Forum to restore sanity to the Forum by removing Governor Amaechi as the chairman forthwith. This will halt the downward spiral of the reputation of the Forum and save it from further embarrassment.

Finally, we call on the Rivers State House of Assembly to summon the courage and resist Governor Amaechi’s callous misrule of the state. The interest of the masses should be paramount to our public office holders at all times. Governor Amaechi has continued to act with scorn against the State legislature, committed numerous impeachable offenses, which demand immediate action.

We call on the State Assembly to shake off the self induced lethargy by commencing with immediate effect the impeachment of Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi from office. By so doing, they would redeem their battered image as stooges and entrench their names on the sands of time!

Jerry Needam, JP

Publicity Secretary

Action Congress of Nigeria

Rivers State.

Tuesday January 29, 2013



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