Helicopter Crash: “We lack the equipment to investigate cause” – SSS

The Crashed Copter
The Crashed Copter

The spat of high profile assassinations and rampant kidnappings laying siege over the many regions of the federal republic of Nigeria may have found a suitable loophole to continue its siege over the country owing to the maladministration of resources earmarked to the security agencies of the nation.

Information available to 247ureports.com obtained through competent sources within the State Security Services [SSS] revealed that the helicopter crash is being treated as a probable sabotage by the investigators of the crash. As gathered, the SSS agent indicated that there is ample evidence pointing away from the incident being a mere natural accident.

The agent stated that as the funeral event ended at Okoroba, Bayelsa State – at Douglas Oronto’s father’s compound, the governor of Kaduna State, Sir Patrick Yakowa and the former National Security Advisor [NSA] to President Goodluck Jonathan, General Andrew Azazi – along with their two aides rose to depart the event – escorted by three other SSS operatives assigned to cover the funeral event. The three SSS operatives escorted the four persons to the helicopter [AgustaWestland AW109] – where they boarded and then took off. Before boarding, Yakowa shared money to the three SSS operatives and bided them adieus.

The security source revealed that as the helicopter took off – air-bound, they observed what appeared to be thick black smoke existing the exhaust of the copter. The lift-off was abnormal – resembling a false lift-off. The source indicated that the copter appeared to have problems gaining altitude – when the operator of the copter – decided to maneuver the copter back to the take-off pad. As the copter attempted to turn, one of its blades struck a palm tree – and lost control. The copter descended and exploded upon impact burning the entire occupants of the copter to beyond human recognition.

The source laments that as that the various affected agencies have launched a comprehensive investigation into the cause of the crash, the unavailability of forensic materials to enable the investigator conduct a credible valued added investigation – is not available. He lamented that the SSS was not equipped to investigate the cause of the crash – while adding that the copter was built to handle the rigor of repetitive trips – even though it was designed for light utility usage. He added that they lack the ability to decipher the damage caused by natural mechanical failure from human made mechanical error. “We need standard forensic equipment to carried this investigation realistically. And we do not have anything resembling that at the moment“. He however hoped the involvement of the Navy will make a needed difference.

He mentioned also that the two aides lost in the crash were officers of the SSS.


The crashed copter was an Italian designed machine – [AgustaWestland AW109]. It is a light-weight, twin-engine, eight-seat multi-purpose helicopter built by the Anglo-Italian manufacturer AgustaWestland. Nigeria Navy has eight of the model copter currently service while the Nigerian Air force has seven. In 2009, Nigeria Navy commissioned two additional AgustaWestland AW109 copters – after having lost a copter in 2007.



  1. the sensational attempt by this article to paint an unsubstantiated picture of some mischief in the recent national tragedy is absolutely unethical, unacceptable, and a gross insensitivity to national security that should immediately be retracted.

  2. These men were just masterfully murdered. Eyewitnesses account has it that there was an apparent explosion before the copter crash-landed. Who fixed the explosives in there??? Oronto Douglas and others should be quizzed!

  3. It is too early to ascertain the eminent cause of the helicopter crash. It is even more difficult since the crew and passengers died in the crash and the fire that followed. The eye witness account will be helpful if the craft has a voice and instrument recorder on board. Sometimes, eye witness account can be very confusing because if ten individuals witness an incident, be rest assured that you will have ten different versions of the incident. My only concern at this time is the take off profile.


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