Kwankwaso removes “Kwankwasiyya” from the wall of Kano Government House

Government House Kano
From Kano State, Nigeria

In an apparent policy somersault, as a result of the scandalous gaffe of the Kano State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice that Kano Government House may be named “ Kwankwasiya House”, the“Kwankwasiyya” tag has been removed from the newly reconstructed wall of the Kano Government House. The story of Kwankwaso’s intention to rename Kano Government House was exclusively reported by titled: Kwankwaso to Name Kano Government House in his own Name.

The Kano Government House which was formally known as Sani Abacha House, was changed to its original name when Kwankwaso succeeded the military during his first tenure in 1999. He was alleged to have spent well over N1 billion to turn the place around before losing power in 2003.

With his second coming in 2010 under controversial circumstances, Kwankwaso started inscribing public properties in his name with intent to promote his personal ego using public funds. His action was however challenged before a Kano High Court by some Kano citizens. When the matter came up for mention last Monday, Maliki Kuliya Umar, the State Attorney General insolently declared that Kano Government House may be renamed “Kwankwasiyya House”. He was even reported in the local media as saying that “no one will stop us from continuing naming projects with Kwankwasiyya and no law could bar us from continuing to do so”.

This statement coming from the state Chief Law Officer generated much condemnation and opprobrium from the public that Governor Kwankwaso was said to have reprimanded the uncouth Attorney General and even went ahead to issue an instruction that the offensive inscription should be removed from the wall of the Government House. visited the Government House today and witnessed the absence of the offensive “Kwankwasiyya”from the aesthetic edifice. The new wall surrounding the Government House was newly reconstructed at a whopping N760 million to replace the old one that had its parts furiously pulled down by some angry protesters during the fuel subsidy protests of January this year. can authoritatively report that Governor Kwankwaso was furious with Maliki’s inadequacy in properly advising the government in matters that are clearly in direct confrontation with the law. The Governor was said to have realized that the unlawful and illegal inscription of Kwankwasiyya on public properties may lead to his impeachment. He was reported to have therefore issued an instruction that the inscription on other public places should also be discontinued henceforth. It now remains to be seen whether Kwankwaso would offer an apology to the people of Kano after removing the remaining inscription from all properties belonging to the public.



  1. These leaders have lots of time on their hands. Over the years these morons in Kano have been fighting whose names should be inscribed at all govt places , which tells a lot that these people or so called leaders do not understand governance and the sufferings of the Kano people except their self fulfilling worthless achievements of bankrolling the State while the poor, including the almajaris , are roaming the streets. What has kwankwasiyya do in Kano that he believes that his name should be imortalized. Did this moron transform Kano or what?. What is wrong with the people of Kano. Both Gov. Kwankwaso and Kwankwasiyya are crazy people. They need daily medications if he removed his predecessor’s in order to put his own name. It is called mental illness.

  2. This story is total Shit!I’ve been to government house several times but never seen any ‘kwankwasiyya’ inscribed on the newly constructed walls.UREPORTS verify your news before going to press!


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