Kwankwaso’s Men Attack Shekarau At Kano Airport


The lingering tension between the two political titans of Kano State political theater appear to near a climax on the evening of Sunday August 26, 2012 as both men crossed path at the Aminu Kano International Airport in Kano.

According to the information available to which was obtained through sources close to the activities at the Kano State government house, the former governor of Kano State, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau and his men were attacked by men attached to the present Governor of Kano, Malam Rabiu Kwankwaso on the evening [7pm] of Sunday August 26, 2012 at the protocol lounge of Aminu Kano Airport.

As gathered, the former governor, Malam Shekarau and some of his men were on their return trip from the Holy Land for pilgrimage. Their plane had arrived Aminu Kano Airport on Sunday evening – approximately the same time when the flight carrying the governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso arrived from Abuja.

According to a source close to the State governor who was present on the said Sunday evening, “Shekarau returned that day to a rousing welcome which they [Kwankwaso] were not happy about” and, the governor, who was not received in the same manner was visibly irritated. Minutes after Malam Shekarau had acknowledged the crowd that had gathered to welcome him, he dashed into one of the vehicles that had come to pick him from the airport – leaving behind his men at the airport to retrieve his luggages from the conveyor belt.

As Malam Shekarau departed the scene, men dressed in uniform of security vigilante, trooped into the protocol lounge in search for someone. They had come to receive the governor. But according to the source, “they came to receive Kwankwaso who was returning to Kano from Abuja. And they now saw Shekarau’s car parked outside the airport and proceeded to destroy the vehicle [a 2011 Honda Concerto]“.  The source believes that the men had walked into the protocol lounge after they had destroyed the vehicle – hoping to see some of Shekarau’s men or Shekarau himself.

The vehicle’s windows and windscreens were smashed and the vehicle body destroyed.

The estimate cost of the damage meted to the vehicle is stated to be in excess of N500,000. The Kwankwaso men have refused to bare the cost of the repairs. This is according to a source close to Shekarau.

Efforts to get a reaction from Kwankwaso’s men failed. placed calls nd text messages to the Chief Press Secretary [CPS], Malam Dantiye, and the State Commissioner of Information, Prof Farouk but they refused to respond. Malam Dantiye, on his part, after having received the text message sought to know the identity of the sender. When the identity was revealed, he switched off his phone.

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  1. What else do you expect from a government of ‘Yan Iska (wayward idiots)? The governor himself takes cocaine, and has been like a thorn in the flesh of many people in Kano today. Everybody hates him; even the highly reverred Emir barely tolerates him. Tsinanne!


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