Pension Cabal Threaten To Kill Me- Maina


The Chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team, Malam Abdulrasheed A. Maina received a death threat   on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012, the death threat was received in his phone by 4:16 pm through a text message written in Hausa Language and sent from +2348056338745. The sender of death threat who did not disclose his identity threatened to kill Malam Maina if he attempts to investigate the pension office that the suspect belongs.

The threat message came just a day after the Chairman of the Pension Task Team disclosed in an interview relayed by Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) that the Task Team was going into all other pension offices with a view to cleansing and restructuring them. This statement might have triggered-off fears in the pension thieves from other pension offices.

According to the threat which warned the Chairman of the Task Team not to investigate other offices, also said “We have heard that you would investigate our pension offices. You need to stop this investigation, but I swear by God’s name, we shall engage the services of spiritualists to kill you. Even If you change your decision not to investigate our office; that would never stop us from killing you.”

The text massage also contains additional statement that the pension cabal resolved to hire assassins to kill Malam Maina if the spiritualists could not succeed, “If the spiritualists could not succeed killing you (Maina), we shall hire assassins that must kill you, no matter the high level of your security cover. You should know that we have stolen so much pension funds and we shall use same ill gotten money to sponsor your assassination”.

It is important for the pension cabal to equally note that we are being driven strongly by a sincere fear of GOD and an optimal spirit of patriotism. For this reason, we can never be cowed by the unscrupulous enemies of our Country. We shall be relentless in confronting these pension thieves frontally through arrest, prosecution and confiscation of their ill gotten wealth. No amount of threat, blackmail or distraction would deter us from restructuring all the pension offices in the Country. Hence, the pension cabals should know that the Team would only be encouraged by such threats.

The Task Team members have been receiving numerous threats, but we have an unshakable faith that it is only GOD that kills, creates and sustains life. Life is in the hands of GOD and not in the hands of pension thieves. We are optimistic that HE would continue to protect us against the enemies of Nigerian pensioners.

The Task Team has since reported this case to the State Security Service (SSS) and Nigeria Police Force. It will be recalled that the pension task team boss has been at loggerheads with the Senate.





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