Bad Roads Worse Than Civil War – Orji Uzor Kalu


There seems to be no solution to the endless blood letting on our roads,just as former Abia state governor Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu took his pains on the state of the Nigerian nation to the United States.
Kalu believes that more lives are lost by travellers on ill maintained roads across the country than what many countries suffer in terms of casualty in war situation.
Lamenting the astronomical figures,Kalu said,”Nigerian roads have become death traps.There is just a thin line of difference between road users and suicide bombers.I must be clear on this.On a particular day,more compatriots died as a result of traffic accidents than was recorded at Abagana Sector during the Civil War.Truck crushing people in Asaba,Luxury bus burning to ashes near Ore,Fuel tanker setting houses ablaze in Ibadan or a high profile death on the Kaduna-Abuja Highway.These stories are real.”
The ex-governor who had ackowledged the strides of Works minister Mike Onolememen on the Shagamu-Benin Expressway last yuletide, expressed disappointment that the cheer mood vanished after the New Year.
“I do not know what goes on in the ministry.A new minister arrives,settles down to work, then things begin to enter reverse gear.If i had my way,no minister of Works should travel by air.I respect General Mamman Kontangora for that.When he served under General Ibrahim Babangida,there was no flight for him.I even
would like to see President Goodluck Jonathan take a trip from Abuja to Lagos by road.What his eyes will behold could turn the visit to the site of the Dana crash to child’s play,”Kalu added.
On the River Bridge in Asaba\Onitsha, Kalu called for prayers to melt the heart of Nigerian leaders who have continued to play politics with the lives of the people.
“What you hear occasionally is repair works on the Third Mainland Bridge that serves only those of us who live in Lagos.The lone Niger Bridge that links the East,West, North and South really means nothing to the Federal Government.Just go and ask the Road Safety Commission what happens there every Christmas break.In 2011,i saw Sector Commander Omiyale leadind the crew.If there was a Second Bridge, all the officers would have been on other routes monitoring vehicles and saving lives.Even in the jam,a young Nigerian lady was crushed on December 30.Yet we are not at war,”he said.


  1. A Pot calling a kettle black is this case with Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu – This man thinks he is God. During his tenure as Governor seeing him is a problem now he is saying GEJ should travel by road. This man during his tenure travels a lot without caring for the masses. I am among the lot that tried in vain to have audience with him in Abuja and Abia but in Vain. Rubbish – He is also amongst the lot Public servants (Governors) that created our present situation. Rubbish. Na today them know say our roads no good?

  2. Our roads are in terrible shape and Niger bridge is rotten this we know. We dont nee people like Orji Kalu to remind us. He is one of them..

  3. What is Orji Kalu ranting about. How many roads did he construct as the governor of Abia state? The guy should shut up and let people who are doing something different go on with their work. Loser.

  4. Follow compatriots, with all due respect, I feel that most of us castigate Orji Kalu unjustly, why not take the message and leave the messenger alone, among us, please who is better and perfect, OUK tried his best as a governor considering where we are coming from. None of the governors of 1999 to 2007 can be said to have done anything special cos the system they met was rotten. For record, Onitsha-Owerri road was made possible by him but most people don’t know. OUK was not among the poppers that assumed office 1999 cos at age 27/28 he has chaired a commercial bank, chaired Borno State water board, become a member House of Rep and has national honor (MON)

  5. The message is what matters after all OUK was a good governor if not that power got into his head. He tried with the roads in Abia State and other things as well. OUK keep on with the fire


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