The Exposition of Indian Quack Doctors in Nigeria- BY Azubueze Pedro



I am hurt and I wish to spread this news fast. If you had listened to the network news in FRCN recently, this issue was seriously broadcasted and analyzed by the Reporter.

The Indian operated Specialist hospital in Karu Site, Abuja are Quacks, Fake, 419 and exploiters of Nigerians. If you know anybody going or planning to go to that hospital, please stop the person immediately.
The hospital was built by FCT as Karu General Hospital but all of a sudden it was leased to this killer Indians to operate as specialist hospital. Charges in this hospital is exploitative, only registration alone in N25,000.00.


In November 2011, my sister went to the Indian Hospital for Fibroid operation. The Indian thieves diagnosed her and said her case is very complex. She was charged a total of N700,000.00. On the day of operation, she was taken to the theatre and was Open up. What do I mean. She was torn OPEN-UP and stitched back without removing any fibroid. When she recovered from the effect of the Anastasia, they congratulated her for successful operation and that lumps of fibroid had been removed from her. My sister requested from the doctors to see the lumps which is a normal practice in every hospital, the Indian thieves said the lumps had been taken to lab for analysis, that they will show her later. Till today my sister have not sighted the fibroid lumps that was removed from her.

From the night after the operation, my sister started feeling serious pains than what she had before. She complained to the Indian thieves, they said it will be okay and discharge after three days with the pains. She went home and had more pains than ever aside the torn wound. We decided in December 2011 to go for scan in another lab. The scan result shows that there are heavy lumps of fibroid in her and that there is absolutely no sign that any removal attempt had been carried out even though there is evident that she was opened up for surgery. We tried the scan in another specialist hospital in Asokoro, Abuja. It was the same result. My sister then disguised herself with another name and went for scan in the same Indian specialist hospital Abuja and they confirmed that she was open up but not an iota of fibroid was removed from her. My sister lied to the scan officers that the operation was done in Benin hence she will require a comprehensive report from the Indian Killer hospital and the they did a beautiful job in putting the whole report in black and white.

January this year, my sister went for the same fibroid operation in another hospital in Asokoro, Abuja and she was operated successfully and the lumps of fibroid removed were shown, the operation was videoed and pictures of everything were taken and are well kept.

She has written petitions to Medical and Dental Council of Niger, Nigerian Medical association, Minister of Health, and we making effort to present it to the National Assembly. Many media reporters have interviewed her, some have written already. FRCN has carried twice as main news item.

Investigation by media reveals that those Indians are quacks; they do not posses basic medical credentials. The Head of the hospital an Indian woman is not a medical doctor. The deputy is her son and not a medical doctor as well. A specialist hospital operating in a Nigerian Government Built Infrastructure does not have a medical director!

Nigerian Medical Council has confirmed that this Indians were brought during the former Minister of FCT and were horridly given temporary permission to operate without passing through the normal registration procedure by the council.



  1. Sorry for d sad expoerience. In the first instance, we shiould learn toi value what we have. You could have done the myomectomy for far less than 700k if u had valued our indigenous specialist. All d best as u pursue your case

  2. Its so sad that we value other colors more than anything black. Basically your sister felt more comfortable because they are Indians, however all that glitters is not gold.Unless we begin to show patriotism to what is ours, these bastards will continue to take advantage of us. I am sorry to what happened to you, but please continue to pursue your case otherwise someone else will be their next victim. Look at DANA AIR, Indians too.


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