House Suspends Lawan, Launches War On Otedola and other Oil Thieves

Today, As Speaker Entered the Emergency Session


The lower chamber of the National Assembly [NASS] in their emergency meeting rose to pass the motion moved by Hon. Mohammed Bawa for the suspension of the chairman of the adhoc committee on oil subsidy probe, Hon. Farouk Lawan which was seconded by Hon Uche Ekwunife.

Hon. Farouk Lawan was suspended from the committee on education and from his chairmanship of the adhoc committee on oil subsidy. The lower chamber of the NASS in suspending the Honorable member also took the opportunity to warn of the dangerous trend being embarked on bythe powers that be in the country. Hon Samson Osagie representing a constituency in Edo State voiced his concern over the powers that be in the country using the security apparatus of the country for blackmail of members of the NASS. He likened it to the Richard Nixon Watergate in the USA.


The Speaker of the lower chamber of NASS also spoke emphatically on the attempt to soil the name of an institution through the alleged crime of an individual member. “Separate institutions from an individual” said the speaker who continued to add that “we will continue to engage in investigation regardless. The integrity of the report remains intact. We shall never been comprised. The majority of the lawmakers are people of integrity”.


The NASS went to move to add Item 29 to the report of the adhoc committee on oil subsidy. The addition of item 29 re-introduced the company belonging to Femi Otedola [Zenon Oil Company] to the names of companies submitted to the economic and financial crimes commission [EFCC]. The company belonging to Femi Otedola was reported to have received over N300billion in foreign currency through the central bank of Nigeria for the purchase of petroleum products. The Zenon oil company after collecting the money failed to import the petroleum products.

The House then passed a motion for Zenon to provide answers to the EFCC – what it used the foreign currency [dollars] for?


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  1. Faruk Lawan, This is the price you have to pay for daring to scuttle the Third-term ambition of the greedy and world’s most corrupt old man that they imposed upon us.

    Otedola (or whatever your name is), you must refund the ill-gotten wealth, Nigerians need roads, portable water, decent accommodation and education whether you cause Faruk to be hanged or shot, it does not matter, return the money.


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