Cocaine Burst: EFCC Backs Down On Timipre Sylva


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] has made an about-turn over the claim that it discovered a substance believed to be cocaine at the office of the wife of the former governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Timipre Sylva situated at Onitsha Street, Garki Area 11 beside Petrus Hotel in Abuja.

According to information made available to, the men of the EFCC had raided the office of Mrs. Sylva on the morning of Friday June 15, 2012 in search for evidence against the former governor of Bayelsa State. While searching the office some of the EFCC men dashed upstairs unaccompanied and unescorted. Minutes later, the men returned downstairs carrying a bag – saying that they have found cocaine – and that the cocaine was in the bag.

The occupant of the office who was also the brother to Mrs. Sylva was then arrested and taken to the EFCC office located in Maitama, Abuja for questioning. The in-law [Mr. Richie Imoh Tommy] was arrested on the basis that the content of the bag was cocaine. It was learnt that the men of the EFCC pronounced the content of the bag to be cocaine without prior testing to determine whether it was cocaine.

The arrest of Mrs. Sylva’s in-law and the charge that the men of EFCC found cocaine at the office led to an immediate outcry from informed observers of the inter-play between the former governor of Bayelsa and the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan. Cursory examination by indicated that the men of EFCC were sent to the office by the Presidency to “achieve an aim” – which was to setup the former governor with a charge that will put him away for good.

A well placed source in Abuja who is close to the activities at the presidency told correspondent that it was through the quick outcry of concerned citizens and citizen reports from that caused the EFCC and co-plotters to coil away from the cocaine setup plot – and to release a statement contradicting their first claim.

The EFCC released a statement stating it did not find cocaine at the said office. The statement stated that it found documents and money.


  1. While BokoHaram is having a field day killing us and trying to start a religious war, GEJ is busy plotting against real and imagined political enemies among his brethren….HMMMM!!!!


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