Mugabe: I’m not dying

A defiant President Robert Mugabe yesterday chided his critics for suggesting that he is plagued by ill health and was unfit to rule the country, saying he was actually healthier than some of them.
Addressing a Zanu PF Womens League meeting in Darwendale, Mugabe said he was enjoying good health.
Some say I might die in 2013, he said. I dont know why they chose 13. Maybe its because it is an unlucky number I suppose, but I am actually very strong.
When (Prime Minister Morgan) Tsvangirai goes where he goes we hear him in the newspapers and Internet  saying we are now on good terms but the only problem is that I am very frail.
I am not frail. I am really strong and I am enjoying good health, Mugabe said.
Its actually some of them that we hear are suffering from these diseases and we know who they are.
Mugabe at 88 is one of the oldest leaders in the world, but wants to run for another five-year term in office.
Speculation about his health heightened last year when he flew to Singapore more than eight times. He admitted undergoing an operation to remove a cataract in his eye.
Leaked United States diplomatic cables also quoted his close associates saying he was suffering from advanced prostate cancer, with one report claiming he had been given five years to live by doctors.
There are also reports of worsening factionalism in Zanu PF as leaders battle to position themselves in the event of Mugabes incapacitation or death. Meanwhile,  Zanu PF Womens League boss Oppah Muchinguri admitted that the party was suffocating under the weight of worsening factionalism.
President, our DCC (district co-ordinating committee) elections have divided the people, she said.
People have their hidden agendas and some of them come to you and give you reports that are false. We  hear of factionalism within the party, but we are saying we as women have no faction. Our only faction is your faction.
We love you, our leader.  Some pretend to love you yet they are determined to destroy Zanu PF.



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