Rejoinder: Governor Tanko Al-Makura’s Mismanagement of Nasarawa State Resources


From Zeenatu Yakubu

The emergence of Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura as the third executive Governor of Nasarawa State is one episode that will continue to linger on the minds of the people of Nasarawa State.
This is because twelve years after democratic dispensation the state had never witness considerable transformation an act that is achieved barely one year of Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Maura’s administration.
Soon after his assumption of duty as Governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura inspected all abandoned and ongoing projects as well as other government facilities with a view to indentifying the quality of job done for improve completion.
Apart from inspection of government facilities, the Governor had in the first instance identified some of the immediate key needs of the state which include absence of portable water, epileptic power or total absence of electricity as well as lack of access roads within the state capital.
The Governor immediately provided the required inputs in the water sector and behold water began to flow in every parts of the state; this was achieved within one month in office.
The power in 100 days initiative programme of Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura is one practical programme that has save the people of Nasarawa State from epileptic power supply to a well improve distribution of electricity across the State through provision of assorted transformers and other electricity inputs to actualise the programme.
Now the people of Nasarawa State have every reason to celebrate this initiative of Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, the messiah of our time.
The Governor awarded contract for the construction of asphalt access roads within the state capital as parts of effort to give the state capital a new face lift.
These include 4Km Kurikyo road, 1.4km Alkali road street and 1km Ministry of information Ado Muazu road thereby giving the total the cost of over Five Hundred and Forty Two Million Naira (N542,000,000:00).
Other roads awarded for construction include 900m Abdul-Shitu-Ministry of Information-Kurikyo road junction and Abdulkura Street at the cost of One Hundred and Thirty Eight Million Naira (N138, 000,000:00).
The 4.8km Lafia East-Government House-NADP Quarters towards Makon-Giji Shendam road junction and 1.2km peoples Bank-new market roads as well as the 1.5km Agwai junction Anguwan Nungu junction was also awarded at cost of 1.3billion Naira.
Most of the roads have been completed while others are 80% completed.
Apart from the construction of access roads within the state capital the Governor also procured assorted earth moving equipment which has since being distributed to the three Senatorial zones of the state to open up roads within the local Government headquarters and entire villages, work has commenced in earnest and the rural people are happy with this golden initiative of Governor Al-Makura.
In order to revitalise the transport system of the State, Governor Al-Makura purchased 40 new brand buses and 100 Keke- NAPEP as well as provision of traffic light at strategic junctions within the state capital to ease transport and traffic challenges.
For the first time in Nasarawa State parent’s heave a sign of relief as Government upset both WAEC and NECO fees of all students in Government Schools.
The Government did not stop at that but also awarded contract for the construction and renovation of Primary and post Primary Schools inclusive of special schools for the physically challenge persons in the three Senatorial Zones of the State.
The signing of memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the state government and National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) which will also avail students the opportunity to acquire some technical knowledge for the production of other facilities. This is another milestone achieved in the education sector.
Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura has virtually touched every sector positively as farmers now have easy access to fertilizer and other agricultural inputs. The completion and commissioning of Lafia modern market as well as renovation of Karu International market truly shows that the man, Governor Al-Makura is a messiah sent to salvage the people of Nasarawa State.
It may interest the reader of this piece to note that before this administration came on board.
The previous government of Aliyu Akwe Doma usually access an over draft of about Eight Hundred and Fifty Million Naira to argument payment of salaries.
But on assumption of duty, Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura commenced payment of salaries without over draft and prudently save over 4.7billion naira within six month of his administration through cutting cost and prudent management of resources.
Research has shown that what Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura has achieve within one year in office, the 12 years of previous administration in the state could achieve 50% of that one year achievement.
The achievements of Governor Al-Makura are practical evidential achievements that you can touch, feel and enjoy for improve living standard.
But, contrary to 247 report, an internet base media organization who ignorantly and mischievously reported issues that are either belated or being over-taking by event, may be, the writer is not well informed about the true happenings in Nasarawa State.
Lets even examine the 247 mischievous report to determine how the writer fooled himself as the least educated man in Nasarawa State today knows that changes has come because he can fell it.
The six major point enumerated by the writer refers:
a) Erection of a 3 arm zone at the state capital.
b) Free medical programme for the disadvantaged.
c) Construction of special school for the physically challenge.
d) Construction of 3km roads at each local area.
e) Making each ministry and school information technology (ICT) complaint
f) Construction of Mino rail to connect Nasarawa State to FCT
With no apologies to the management and staff of 247 media organization to go back to the basics of mass communication and identify themselves with ethics and values of the profession which in strong terms emphasised balancing of reports to achieve fairness.
May be, the writer does not know what it means three arm zone that has already been actualise long before now.
The government House, Assembly and the Judiciary which represent the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary are already situated in the right direction, so what is the writer talking about.
The free medical programme was one of the earliest programmes achieved by this administration three consecutive times, where was the 247 reporter.
The Governor has already approve construction of three special schools for the physically challenge persons in the three senatorial district.
Construction of alphate roads within Lafia the state capital are obviously represented while that of local government headquarters and development areas has since been commenced.
The Minister for transport has already promised to connect Nasarawa State to Abuja through the mono rail.
May I invite the management of 247 to come to Nasarawa state on my bill to feel the fresh air we have been enjoying since the assumption of Governor Al-Makura barely one year ago.
I can bet with my last drop of blood, that Al-Makura cannot spend a whooping sum of N915m to celebrate May Day, considering his prudent nature, instead, he will rather sink the money in projects that have direct bearings on the life of the common man.
On the squabbles between the Assembly and the Executive is a normal activity everywhere, let me borrow a leaf from Governor Al-Makura who always said that it is Democracy in action.
247 started on the bad note and that kills credibility.

From Zeenatu Yakubu, millionaires quarters, Lafia Nasarawa State.



  1. Zeenatu’what an unintelligent rejoinder,if I were u,I would have told my pay-master to take the path of honour and take the hint availed by the 247 to refocus his attention by doing the correct thing instead of swiming in the sea of deciet.Almakura for the records did NOT comence ANY work in any Local Govt or Development Area in the state other than Lafia and perhaps a skeletal priming of less than 300mitres road in Akwanga,he only commissioned Lafia Mkt without knowing how it was constructed from start to finish,he only completed the road to his private residence and no more,he never put even a piece of block in any court nor did he know how the state house of Assembly complex was constructed,e layed of over 7000 staffs and used their salary to claim to have paid minimum wage….that is fraud.Pls let’s not decieve ourself.The Govt is on stand still.This why he fall apart with so many of us who supported him with the firm believe that he is going to bring the desired change…but Allah will save us since we are operating a system that will not like to be told the truth but to be responding to every critism using pseudonyms


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