New Explosions, Gunfire Rocks Kano Again

Boko Haram Action in Jos, Plateau State

Information available to through sources in Kano State security quarters indicate that the security agents and the men of Boko Haram were engaged in a heated gun-battle at Maidule area behind Sabuwar Gandu.

According to information gathered, the gun battle between the men of the Joint Task Force [JTF] began at minutes 2am yesterday [April 30, 2012] – as the men of  the JTF were tipped off of a Boko Haram hideout at Maidule area. The men of the JTF were reported to have moved into to the area with their sniff – dogs to dislodge the suspected Boko Haram members. Upon reaching the location – the JTF men were reported to have fired warning shots at the building – when they immediately discovered that the building was bobby-trapped with explosives. The explosives began to explode.

The members of the Boko Haram who were holed-up at the hide-out in Maidule were caught unaware from the men of the JTF – immediately began shooting sporadically at the men of the JTF – as the men of the JTF returned gun fire. The exchange of gunfire was reported to have lasted from 2am till 7am of today’s morning. It is not certain the number of casualties on the side of the Boko Haram or the JTF, but a source within the JTF told our correspondent that the men of Boko Haram sustained significant casualties  because they were caught unaware.

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