Jonathan’s first year: tale of dismal failure

The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), being aware of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s first year as an elected President, hereby takes a retrospective look at the impact of governance on the lives of the ordinary Citizens.
Beyond the grandstanding and abundant rhetoric of the government, there is nothing worthy of note that the Administration of Dr Jonathan had done to improve the infrastructural development, Education, Security and Economy of the Nigerian State.
The poor results of Nigerian students in NECO, WASC and JAMB Examinations really typify the sordid decadence of Educational standard under the Jonathan Administration. The regime has proven to be adept in making vain electoral promises. It is still beyond reasonable rationalization that an administration that has not provided good funding for the existing Universities found it expedient to set up new ones; worse still, the new Universities have not taken off for paucity of funds!
The Nation’s infrastructure is in comatose state with no strident plan for improvement. The Roads are in worse parlous state, with receding hope for rehabilitation; stability in Electricity supply remains a mirage!
The policy summersault in the economic management is enough indication of the confusion at the top echelon of the Nation’s governance. The leadership-induced sleazy tendency is still nightmarish, as the like had never been seen in the Nation’s checkered history.
The cloud of insecurity that had enveloped the Nation-space is symptomatic of the pervasive ineptitude of the Leadership! There is also the added ethno-religious divisiveness that is supervised by the leadership for vain political advantage.
Succinctly put, the Jonathan’s administration in the last one year has been a sordid tale in gross incompetence. As a Party, we shall continue to show the Nation the way out of the quagmire of this leadership deficit.
God bless Nigeria.
Rotimi Fashakin (Engr.)
National Publicity Secretary, CPC.
(Saturday, 27th May, 2012).


  1. Just one comment really – to educate – Educational decline does not happen in a year. It is a progressive thing and happens over time.


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