Pictures: Gov Peter Obi’s Flag Off of Nanka N1.2billion Gully Erosion Project

View of the entrance to the site.


Yesterday, March 7, 2012, the Peter Obi administration officially flagged off the N1.2billion gully erosion remediation project at the Isiakpuenu erosion site at Amakor village in Nanka.

The people of Nanka who came out en mass to receive the Governor of Anambra State cheered the Governor as he officialy marked the start of the project – stating that no other governor had visited the people of Nanka as many times as the governor had done since he became of Anambra State.

Along with the people of Nanka were the Igwe of Oko, Prof Laz Ekwueme who spoke glowingly of the Governor – for his efforts in ensuring that the project as brought to the attention of the federal government and the international community [World Bank]. Igwe Laz Ekwueme narrated how he had sent a Save Our  Soul [SOS] SMS text message to the Governor of the threat posed by the Isiakpuenu gully erosion to the people of Oko. He stated that the quickness of the governor to respond was impressive for him and the people of Oko.

On the same page, the Anambra State Commissioner of Environment, Dr. Egbebike told the people of Nanka that more remediation work will be on the way. He revealed that the governor has opened new dialogue with the federal government on expanding the work to be done at the site. He indicated that the monies required may increase from N1.2billin to N5billion. While concluding his speech he asked the people of Nanka to appreciate the efforts put in by the governor of Anambra in ensuring the project comes to fruition.


  1. This bullcrap is an old running story, Check your achive. What about the Onitsha – Enugu road construction? Have you driven there lately? Howmany people die on that road every week? Tell me about the best kept secret – The Nkwelle Ezunaka farm land – Whats the deal? We are only sleeping with one eye closed my friend.

  2. Everything is celebrated in Nigeria! Why celebrate this gready Governor,
    Is this not the job he should be doing for his people?
    A whole entire day will be wasted before the actual job starts.
    Please give me a break , nobody is congratulating me for doing a job am hired to do nor am I looking for one.

    • The job is not being funded by Anambra State goevernment. It is a World Bank-Assisted Federal Government project. SO, the glory is for Anambra State, it is for the World Bank and the Fed Govt.

  3. Is This Governor Obi doing the erosion with his private money or government money? why should the fools celebrate and hail a governor who seizes the local government statutory allocations that runs into billions on monthly basis since six years and all this sycophants will be hailing him when he spend less that 5% of state money and pockets 95% to his private purse? Does Anambarians know that Governor peter Obi is the highest criminal who disguised himself as a good person before the people. On a nearer future Peter obi shall pay his nemesis of deceiption having sworn during his campaign that if he thief Anambra money god will wipe away his family and if he fails to pay workers salary and the workers goes on strike he will resign as a governor but all this public oath has come to pass.

  4. A similar massive gully erosion site is not only threatening life and properties of Ekwulumili and Amichi people in Nnewi South LGA but Onitsha-Okigwe road and people Igbo-ukwu town.

    No one is talking about this erosion site since there no one from this area is in goverment. This Ekwulumili erosion site is become equally deadly and needs immediate action from the state and federal goverments as well as worldbank and other donor agencies

  5. So, I kept asking, why are the Igbos still decieving themselves with being ‘Nigeria’ What is Nigeria then doing for them, if not destroying them and their hope of the future??
    Wake up Ndiigbo and stop being stupid! You can better take care of yourself as free people away from the evil called Nigeria!!!


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