Why Boko Haram Attacked Suleja


Information reaching 247ureports.com through sources within the ranks of the terrorist group, the boko haram indicates that the attack launched on Sunday in Suleja, Niger State was not launched against the Christ Embassy Church as widely reported in the media.

As gathered, the attack was targeted at four perpetrators who had claimed to be members of boko haram – to the men of the state security service [SSS] – and were recently shown on televison as having entered into a dialogue with the federal government [through the SSS] on behalf of the group, the boko haram.

The boko haram indicated that the leadership of the group did not sanction the four gentlemen into entering a dialogue with the group – and that the four men were not members of the boko haram. And for this reason, the group made the decision to eliminate the four men as punishment for their actions.

According to the source, two out of the four men were sighted at a community inside Suleja. A bomd was prepared and placed inside an abandoned vehicle within the striking distance of the two men. As the bomb was detonated, it injured five people – of which the two targeted men were included. The two were rushed to the hospital were they are reportedly receiving treatment.

The boko haram is said to be actively tracking the other two men.



  1. ON THE BOKO HARAM.. Writen ARABIC INSCRIPTION & SHOWING MUSLIM PRAYING while commenting on boko haram… is a BLACKMAIL to muslim islamic religion. Directly you are saying that all these are boko haram symbols which is NOT TRUE… Please remove them and stop using them henceforth, thank you

  2. christian are black mailing the muslim and islam on the issue of boko haram. some body was caught in the islamic dress wanted to set fire in the church while he is a christian what do u say abaut that.


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