BreakingNews: 3 Explosions Rocks North Kaduna, Boko Haram Suspected

Army Barrack Kaduna

Information reaching through sources within the government in Kaduna  indicates that three explosions has rocked the Northern part of the State in a manner that hs the signatures of the dreaded Islamic terrorist group, the Boko Haram.

According to the information gathered, at 2:10pm today’s afternoon, the Divison one Army station housed in the North Kaduna Local Government Area [LGA] was rocked by a massive explosion followed by a simulteanous  explosions at the takowa bridge located along the road leading out of Kaduna and into Zaria. Eyewitnesses said a suicide bomb attack took place at the 1st Mechanised Division in the State. Leit.-Col. Abubakar Eduh, spokesman of the Formation confirm the suicide attack.

The Takowa bridge is said to be located at a strategic location where transport buses heading out tothe southern part of Nigeria – gather to pick passangers heading to the south east and south west. One luxurious bus was reported to have been damaged in the explosion. Unofficial reports indicate that two casualties were recorded. No information is available as to the casualties recorded at the military barrack.

Meanwhile, the latest attack by the men of Boko Haram comes onthe heels of an earlier threat bythe Islamic group that they will destroy Nigeria to revenge the embarrassing arrest of their media front man. The attack also goes against an earlier report by another online medium indicating that the men of Boko Haram are tired of fighting.

Soldiers have cordoned off the scene of the explosion barring reporters from getting close.

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  1. Recalling these ugly events, years the civil war had ended, the little I was told, rankles the mind. That is why I think that Igbos who feel their lives, (not really property) are in danger should come back. And this should not be interpreted to mean beating the war drums or calling for separation even if this the case I think it matters nothing to us again. With the benefit of hindsight, this is the kind of righteous fury which Ojukwu saw when he went to Aburi. As events in our country today have vindicated Ojukwu he said at Aburi, “I did not go to Aburi as an Easterner. “He went I came here, he said, as a Nigerian seeking a satisfactory solution to a Nigerian problem. I (also) did not go to Aburi to seek power for myself nor did I go there for a picnic. I went in order to save Nigeria from disintegration”. He stated severally that no nation can be peaceful amid deep-seated suspicion among its citizens. Either by lack of capacity by government to deal with Boko Haram or the result of conspiracy to stabilize the country, we are living dangerously. I don’t think there is any thing to gain again as one entity having lost all now. What do the citizens do when they no longer feel government can provide that without that protection. The anguish of Mr. Romanus Obiwuru, from Nnewi, Anambra reported by the Guardian of January 29, mirrors the dilemma of Igbos caught in the maelstrom of Boko Haram. I feel the pains of my kinsmen. I understand their motive for fleeing. He who “feels it knows it.” If there is one lesson that the activities of Boko Haram teaches, it is the fact that our unity has turned into a marriage of convenience, very bristle and friable I therefore pray to God to help in dividing this country called(s) Nigeria. Even though efforts are being made to patch the already destroyed holes. If Unity did not work lets try disunity may be it will work and we will lose nothing by trying disunity since we have lost all in while in unity.

  2. Please stop heating the polity by reporting true factual news, that bridge does not lead to sour-then part of nigeria, so stop causing confusion

  3. To me the name Boko Haram is just hide out of some group to destroy the Northern part of Nigeria. This is how I understand the name BOKO HARAM.

  4. Pls let us always give d fact on issue like this bcs saying the garage that used to carry peolple to SE and SW is under the briage is a big lie aiming to couse prblm btwn North, SE and SW. The briage is closer to kawo park which is mainly for northern states. Always b honest in ur report . Thanks


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