“We Pay Police To Kill Police, N500,000 per Head” – Boko Haram


Information recently made available to 247ureports.com through sources within the operational ranks of the terrorist Islamic group indicates the merciless attacks and killings of the officers of the Nigerian Police Force [NPF] by Boko Haram may be the operational activities of hired Nigerian police officers at work. This is as available information indicates that the leadership of the terrorist Islamic group have gone beyond inflitration of the NPF – and have reached the extent to have turned the Nigerian police officer into the executor/assasinator of fellow police officers.

The Boko Haram, through its extensive reach into the NPF and the Nigerian military, has gained significant followership within the NPF and the military which extends beyond passive followership. A good section of the NPF is said to actively engage in the operational activities of the terrorist group – in areas including intelligence gathering, whistleblowing, and attacks on Nigerian security outfits.

The Boko Haram source revealed that it pays N500,000 to each Nigerian police officer who kills another police officer, and N1million for the life of a Nigerian soldier. The source further reveals that 7 out of 10 police officers’s death attributed to Boko Haram’s operations were carried out by Nigerian police officers and men from other Nigerian security outfits. He states that the Kano operation was executed by a mixed of Nigerian soldiers, Police Officers and ordinary members of Boko Haram. “That is why we have lost only 16 since we began our operation”. He also added that none of the people arrested and shot in Kano and Borno were members of Boko Haram.

“They are not our own. Our men are accounted for”, he boasted adding that the security apparatus in Nigeria are intimately involved in the planning stages of virtually all Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria. “We wait for their signal”. He explained that many within the police rank sympatize with the plight of the Boko Haram and support them ideologically. Many within the ranks of the military and the police appear disenfranchised by a Christian presidency.

Independent inquiry conducted by 247ureports.com into the Boko Haram’s claim appear credible.

It was gathered that in Bauchi State, prior to the coming of the present Bauchi police commissioner, a Police Coporal was arrested and charged for murder following a shoot-out where he was alleged to have killed his fellow officers stationed at a checkpoint. The former police commissioner of Bauchi State was reported to have made the arrest himself – as he coincidentally drove by the checkpoint moments after the police coporal had shot the 5 police officers dead. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the police coporal had in his bank account the sum of N11million. The source of the money remains unknown to the police investigators.

In Borno State, where the Boko Haram operation had been extensive. The source reveals that it is not a secret anymore in Borno the bounty placed on the head of a police officer and a military officer. It is an open secret on the streets. “None of our men were doing the killings”, he said. The killings came mostly from security men who shared the ideology of the terrorist group. The source claims that the security men in Nigeria are littered with their supporters.

In a related development, the source reveals that the terrorist group has called on all the feild commanders in northern Nigeria to temporally halt all operations – in response to what appears the onset of dialogue. The source notes however that not all members of the group are keen to the dialogue. “Our spiritual leaders are not interested in dialoguing” because, as he claims, when the members of Boko Haram were being ‘slaughtered’ via extra-judical means – that no Nigerian called for dialogue nor did the leaders of the north call for a dialogue.

Meanwhile violent operations credited to the Boko Haram continues in Kano State. Gunfire exchange between the men of Boko Haram and the Nigerian police at the Panshekara police station and the Naibawa Police post continued through the evening of Sunday 29, January to the evening of Monday 30, January – not minding the curfew imposed on Kano State by the State government. Seven persons have been reported [unconfirmed] dead at the Naibawa police post while no casualties have been reported at the Panshekara police station. The police is reported to have become visibly nervous on the trigger at the various police road block.

The morning of Monday January 30, 2012, near the town of Mandawari, a driver of a commercial bus was shot by a nervous police officer who mistook the bus for a possible Boko Haram threat. The Bus had approached the police road block at about 6am, at the end of the curfew, and as the bus slowed towards the road block, one of the officers shot the driver. The driver was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. No further information is available of the status of the driver.



  1. I real doubt the validity of this story police officer against police officer.
    A big question mark on this one?? ?
    If this istory is true, Nigera is over as we know it.
    Nigeria government should declear a full fledge war on these Boko haram rascals and thieves. They are not fighting for any religion they are nothing but thugs and drug abusers that have resorted to destruction of lives and vandalizing properties.

  2. Interestling,we can now see very clearly that only traitors within d ranks of d security wil make them av this success,no,wonder whenever boko haram strikes u c most northern muslims beaming with joy openly n chalengin any one who claim boko haram is bad,8 out of 10 northern muslims are boko harams,tnk God they’r confesing their displeasure over christian presidency,they shld kno that it is on record wen it’s time 4 their turn they must b made 2 pay huge price,sanusi lamido and sani statement av revealed all,what it imply is that a northerm muslim can never b trusted again 4reva n even islam is badly image-damaged,muslims ruled Nigeria more yet christian suported then n were patient 4 their turn but they can’t even hold on 4 a while,hmm how fast is America’s prediction of 2015 disintegration unfolding,soon it wil b ‘to ur tent,oh Isreal’, The only thing keepin us now is prayer.

    • I guess there must be something wrong with you, because only the insane would consider the above article the way you do. I believe to a well composed person, the issue of Boko Haram would never to related to religious issue. If you consider this, religiously based, then Why the Forces? I suggest you should go back home, sit down relax and think of a better and reasonable think to write. By so doing I believe the country may get to a point of success.

  3. This is wat we call tales by d moonligth,bt my question here is,where did 247ureports get such kind of news? Do u ppl get direct access wit BH or r u part of dem.this story is rubbish n so alws is ur stories,plz grow up n think of oda ways to confuse nigerians,bt nt wit ds kind of story tells.

  4. what a shame to hear this story.first,in a every rumour there could be atom of truth. 2ndly,what has our govt. done about this especiccally the said killing in bauchi and the alledged N11 mil in the officer’s a/c.Why can’t the govt.scrap this nigeria police and enpower the security and civil def corp.police unpatrotic
    ,unreliable and callous attitude is becoming a salt in the wound.

  5. Totally agree with Suleiman, unfortunately some pple only read with their eyes open wide but their minds completely blinded. to begin with, we always read a contradictory reports here, 1 day they said BH is sponsored by Northern governors, another they said it is Qatar, Saudia, and now the most absurd of all.

    And to claim that North has a qualm with a Christian President is absolutely nonsesnse and illogical. The North alone brought into Presidency Obj, a christian.

    The issue we are dodging is clearly that zoning by PDP, this is the genesis the whole drama, so please be professionals.

  6. little wonder at their success.But one things for sure, the earth judges fairly in time, retribution , karma, nemesis, the blood of the innocent shed, will speak in loud volume.The wicked will NEVER go unpunished, now or later

  7. To start with, the whole story is nothing but fallacy and you can only fool some people sometime but not all the people all the time. So try to be a good reporter. @sammy, you are nothing but fool and news like this is meant for someone like you. So try to be wise. @haysh, may your brain never dull even for a moment. @ she, amen and may God continuing to be with us.

  8. A baseless report and an abuse to journalism,you better change profession because this sensitive job is not for biased people like you.

  9. We will continue to have problems as long as the Boko Haram continued to use our respected media organizations to air their cheap propaganda. You can imagine our Nigerian Media attending to Abu Qaqa via telephone and not physical, yet the media organization will happily published it. Our Media Organizations should composed themselves and know that airing and carrying of news regarding to Boko Haram will only aggravate our situation but never proffer solution.

  10. @sammy u are a good son of the soil. Tell them the true. I dont know why the northern muslims always grow anoid when we debate on the BH issue. Ur actions r clearly an indications that every nortern muslims regard the southerners as aliens in this country. GEJ has only been there for just few months and u guys r showing that u never and will never like a southerner but just pretending. The north ruled for almost 40yrs and we the southerners endured every pains from even a 10yrs old boy can slap u and when u look around u will see hard looking housas waiting for a slytest opportunity to decend on u a southern christian but why. To me and many millions of others in SE/SS r even saying that 2015 is too far for disintegration, let the country disintegrate now so that the live of all those christians and muslims who would have been dead from this forced marriage could be spared. Earlier the better

  11. ds s rubbish.247 is fake.how do da get al ds info.ar da pat en parcel of ds group in questn?d last tin on my mind is 2 blv ds fukin news

  12. Why must u display ur ignorance on net.just simply start calculating by adding up from 1960 till date the numbers of years days and months that muslims and christains have ruled alike.the result is amazing and it disapproves ur blatant ignorance.this is a simple assignment for u if u dear!

  13. Your report that there was a shoot out / gun battle at panshekara in kano on monday 30/1/12 is a completely false and misleading as there was no any gun battle either at the police station or the mobile barrack . I place a call on contact at that area, kindly retract this information as it lack that merit

  14. fellow nig. Nigeria is big enough to consider disintegration if the problem we are facing now demands that.. But Meanwhile let every nigerian with all sense of responsibility wake up to the present day challenge and pray for this nation. We can always succeed if we want to.. Living together is not a command but a choice!

  15. You are a moron and that is why news like this can only be accepted by some1 (fool) like you. May you be delivered from ignorance.

  16. It always irritating m wenever som1 associated BH wit Islam or d North,why ar we always eager to display our inhuman,injustice and intolerance toward each other and d FOOLS(BH)ar taken advantage op that broadcasting nonsense to us.But d reality is that BH knows nt religion or section bcos by startistics Muslims northers ar the 80% victims of dis inhuman act of BH n all Imams n religious leaders publically condemed them in all ramification so no one is safe from their vitous acts.for our fellow 9jas from d south u always get hot about d North pls my brother stop displaying ur ignorant to d world,take ur time go n c how ur ppl dominate businesses,living in harmony or pls more simpler just ask those ppl of urs in d North but stop saying wat u dont hav d knowledge of and always upon ur herat to the truth,d coutry blongs to all af us let continue prayng 4 d better 9ja.

  17. Am hightly disappointed by d way southerners took dis is a pity hw u guys are so so earger to see d integration of nigeria smh,bt I blame U not becuz mst of u are ignorant fools u do drink wine n sleep while d women do d workins dats y u dnt have any sence of thinkin,if surely 80percnt of d north are BH y wil dey attack demselves fools?pls be wise…


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