Pictures: Oil Subsidy Abuja Protests Day 3

Day 3 of the protests against the corruption and greed in the federal government was held in Abuja today. It saw the outpour off an estimated crowd of over 10,000 protesters. The energy of the crowd was determined and loud.
No incidents were reported and police presence was minimal.

Saying their prayers
Saying their prayers

Day 4 – continues tomorrow.


  1. This is an interesting development. The people they said are dosile, are now active and occupying their society. In Lagos, the Joint Action Front (JAF) has taken over the entire Local governments, the whole streets where rellies and protests are held daily simultaneously.Our goal is to change the decadent, repressive, corrupt and inept, thieving political class and establish a government that enhance the building of a just, free, peaceful, organised, secure and happy society for the joy and welfare of our people. God bless Nigeria!


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