Second Warning: “Muslims Leave The South East Or Die, Igbos Leave The North” – The Peoples Army


This is the second warning sent through a press release to by the group by the name OGBUNIGWE to the northern muslims residing in the south east region of Nigeria to leave the south east or be killed. The warning expires February 1, 2012. The warning also extends to the Southerners residing in the northern part of the country to return to the south east – as reprisal attacks make result in more killings of Igbos in the north.

See the press release below


We want to further bring to your notice the continued attack on our people by Boko haram and the federal governments obvious inability to protect Ndigbo. The recent massacre of Ndigbo in Mubi where more than 20 men and women from Adazi Nnukwu in Anambra state were wiped out when they converged to discuss modalities on how to take the corpse of their kindred slain the previous day home. This is a clear sign that if we do not return this violence, then we will be systematically eliminated. The natural law of self preservation will not allow us to keep quite in the face of this pogrom.

The recent conspiracy by the Inspector general of police and Cp Biu to release the most celebrated criminal of our generation is a vindication to our stand and our future actions. The government of Goodluck Jonathan has retained an IG who conspired and released the Osama Bin Laden of our terrorism problem in Nigeria and we are expected to keep calm. Such calm disposition is only achievable by the dead and until we die then shall we be that calm.

We want to inform all Ndigbo living in the North to come home as our subsequent actions will place them in great danger if they remain in the North.

We have received and a lot of reactions to our stand in the Nigeria project and we want to assure all stake holders of Ndigbo that all meaningful inputs will be iron out during this period of training and consultations before our starting activities from February 1st.

The non reaction of Igbo governors in the face of this killing has shown that they are just emergency leaders forced on us by a faulty democracy.To those Ndigbo who feel that they are feeding fat on the table of the federal government and care less about what happens to us,they should know that they are feeding on the blood of their brothers and this has made their own blood the same with the enemy. We will not spare saboteurs.

No retreat no surrender

General Red Devil Nwokolo



  1. Wow! This is our motherland nigeria, diffrent people diffrent dispkine. take very good look at this so called him self deviant with ranking him self as general. This is very great challenge to stop killing innoceot citizen to face their great nation security lapses.

  2. As I understand, you want vengeance. You want to see the people of Arewa mourn their own, as we are being forced to mourn those of us being murdered in cold blood in the streets, markets and cities of Northern Nigeria, by the Islamic fundermentalist group known as Boko Haram. My heart bleeds too but I do not support your plan as published on this website because Igbo bu Igbo adighi egbu mbiara mbia ma obu onye obia. Our Chukwu and omenala forbids it.
    So, if we must avenge, we must not stoop lower than the standard Americans set after they were attacked by terrorist on September 11, 2009. As I recall, the people of united states allowed themselves time to bury their dead ones, mourn them, gather intelligience, seek and uptain international support before heading to Afganistan. They did not unlease their anger against innocent muslim cummunity in the USA which would have been conter-productive, they went for the head of those who masterminded the attack in their own homeland and in their backyard. Whatever we do, we must not allienate those who are sympathetic to our current plight, it will be a costly blunder. If there must be a civil war, it shouuld not be fought in our backyard. It must be in the street and cities of the homeland of those who started the current genocide against umu Igbo. Our muslim brothers who have been living with us are like our own kit and kin, some of them married our sisters and had Igbo childen. Some do not even know any other home outside ala Igbo, why should we even imagin such abomination?

  3. Leonerds, I think yiou are mistaken this killing does not spare anybody both the hausas,ibos,yorubars and a lot of other tribes. And it is not all Muslims that belong to that sect.let us reason wisely and keep our brothers keepers.


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