Presidency to IGP: Produce Kabir Sokoto within 24 Hours or Be Fired


Zakari Biu under house arrest, permanent secretary Borno Gov’s Lodge in custody

Incensed by the escape from Police custody of the Islamic sect,  Boko Haram’s top operative, Kabir Sokoto, President Goodluck Jonathan Wednesday ordered the Inspector-General of Police, Hafiz Ringim, to produce the suspect within 24 hours or be sacked.

This is coming as the man at the centre of the controversy, Biu, Borno State-born Commissioner of Police, Zakari Biu, who created room for the escape of the suspect, was placed under house arrest.

He was later brought to the Force Headquarters with his surbodinates where they have been detained since Wednesday morning.

The Permanent Secretary, Borno State Governor’s Lodge and other staff of the lodge have all been  rounded up.

The Infrastructure News gathered that the IGP spent the whole of Tuesday waiting to see President Jonathan who had summoned him but was so enraged that he refused to see him preferring instead to deal with the Minister of Police Affairs, Caleb Olubolade.

The IGP waited all day to see the president but was later told that the president was no longer going to see him. As at the time of filling this report,  the IGP was still at the minister’s office waiting to pick up the letter from the presidency.

The Force Headquarters had explained in a statement Tuesday that Kabir Sokoto escaped under police guard on the way to Abaji in Abuja to search his house whereupon they were attacked by angry youth, who overpowered the team thus paving the way for him to escape, a tale taken with a pinch of salt by discerning Nigerians.




  1. This is an IGP who narrowly escaped being bombed by suicide assailants during the bombing of the Police Headquarters last year. He escaped death by the whiskers. Could now connive with anyone to allow the suicide-bomb suspect to run away? He must produce the suspect or risk being jailed.

  2. Restructuring the entire security apparatus remains the only out of the present mess.Give severance packages to ailing/aging officers.Train/Retrain younger men/women for the essential job of policing-to meet up with the type youthful combatants that freed the most wanted prisoner we now cry about.Work to instill discipline amongst the force and getting in good shape for the demanding/physically challenging responsibilities of the” police” .Work to have/create a special unit within the police force,that “police’s the police”.The nigeria,police,need a psychological over-haulingment(from the way they think down to their appearances-uniform).

  3. mr president now sounds like the commander in chief that he has been on this while. Lets watch and see what will happen if the IGP fails to produce the suspected deadly sucid bomber that was placed under his custody.

  4. Uncle Joe.Think twice when all things are going rosy.In fact”Don’t think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm.Big Uncle.I am beginning to be confused bcos u made me to be.I still remember all what u promised us when u re still on ur race to win our votes.After u were peacefully declared winner.Some Irate youths Started killing us in Northern part of he country.Those that risked and vow that u must become president lost their precious lives bcos of u.Uncle Joe,all u could do is to set a panel which Alhaji Lemu led.We are yet to see those pple that committed those atrocities.So many pple were also killed in Plateau State religiously and politically,The highest thing our big Uncle did was to establish another unfruitful panel headed by Ajibola and Solomon Lar.Uncle Joe.I have not 4gotten that some containers of bomb were intercepted in Lagos wharf under the care of Controller General of Customs.CGN and Those pple that imported the bombs used to terrorize and maim de pple u promised to secure majestically worked out on us without any querie.Another thing ur pple heard is that some pple intended to bomb u and de world leaders in Abj while celebrating our Golden Jubilee and u said that enough is enough.Aviation industry also short down our International airport close to u and u did not react.Few weeks after that,United nation house was bombed and Uncle Joe promised to bring the perpetrators to book,It is either the book is already full or it is yet to be bought.Police HQTRS and Abacha barracks were also bombed,Our big Uncle said that he is on top of the situation.I think that a cargo was also caught with ammunition in Kano and another panel was inaugurated without any result.Let me try to 4get wat have been happening in Maiduguri,Yobe,Adamawa,Gombe.ETC.I understand that Kabiru Sokoto,who masterminded and bombed Christians on Christmas day was caught in Governors lodge in the mist of de military under ur control.Few days later,He flied out in de mist of our security personnel who got de highest amount of our budget.Wow.Uncle Joe.It is either u give us some examples and actions or some pple will use u as an example.Thank you my big Uncle.


  6. The police is the cause of all terrors on Nigerians. This just reminds us of the APO SIX. The IG, the CP and all connected with this should not only be sacked but also jailed for life if they fail to produce the suspect.

  7. While that is the way the cooky crumble. I have said this without number, the present IGP is the number Boko haram member. How can a thieve catch a thieve. Mr. GEJ tell us that he is not a ware of all this mess in the nigerian security. When military and police on the Plateau had been attacking and maiming innocent people on the plateau. Mikels father was kidnapped by the military. The Boko haram or muslim said that it is their Sit that GEJ is occupying, that d will make d country ungovernable 2 him. Mr president GEJ Check ur security chiefs.

  8. This IG is LONG OVERDUE FOR SACK.Some people were talking bad of the IG before him ONOVO but ONOVI is 100 time better than this one. They should know Nigerians are not fools

  9. At least the FG can start from here if they must regain trust from the citizens of this country. Just one example can cover as much grounds as possible in the fight against corruption. Considering the security situation of the country at the moment, the police can not tell us that they were not expecting strong opposition, yet they carlously sold themselves out. The president should maintain his grounds on this no matter what so as to exenorate himself.

  10. I think the best thing to do now is to split the country. everybody in this room open your eyes and see the need for that. we can love each other and respect each other if we live as neidbours. this killing will never stop cus the housas every where are anoyed that GEJ is there president and he is not a muslim. lets do this and prevent those whom the northerners will still kill after this januray 2012. BET ME IN THIS HOUSE IF WE FAIL TO SPLIT THIS CONUTRY NOW ALL OF YOU SOUTHERNERS IN THIS FORUM WHO GO AGAINST WHEN THIS PEOPLE START KILLING AGAIN AND FOR SURE THEY WILL KILL THE IGBOS AND SOUTHERNERS AGAIN. WATCH IT. U WILL AGREE WITH ME THAT IN AN EVERY WHERE SACRIFICE AND ANY YEAR THEY DID NOT SACRIFICE THE BLOOD OF THE IGBOS EXPECIALLY IN THE NEXT 2 YEARS IT WILL BE BRUTAL TO PAY FOR THE PAST YEAR THEY DIDNT DO. LETS VOTE FOR OUR FREEDOM. AND ALL THIS WILL STOP THEN WE FACE THE MAIN CHALLENGES THAT OTHER NATIONBS OF THE WORLD FACES. LIKE TRYING TO BUILD COUNTRY AND ALL OTRHER THINGS THAT COMES WITH IT BUT NO LONGER ETHNIC CLEANSING OF ONE TRIBE.

  11. I will hold Badluck Jonathan personally responsible if my cousin and his family are murdered in Kaduna by the Koboko Haram. He wanted to evacuate his family from that stupid place but hindered by the hike in fuel prices.

  12. Boko Haram or power Haram mr President must know what is cooking. He must stand up for the challenges or be consumed of the crisis, is it not clear to him now that the northerners never meant well for this country.if he must finish his tenure there is an urgent need for him to place the trusted hand on vital position to reduce sabotage to the nearest minimum

  13. Mrs chinedu, dat is not de way 4word pls. Dividing de country is no option at all. Let’s keep prayin 4 our country,my country. Mr able, you are de best. God bless u sir.

  14. PRAYER?
    Another set of people who tend to avoid facing social problems squarely and responsibly are the religious naïves. Based simply on pious religious superstition, this group argues that social problems are better prayed for rather than tackled through rational human action. People in this class are mostly optimistic individuals who tenaciously believe that time is the best healer of all wounds without human intervention. Rarely does it come across to them that time, without human action, can also make a minor wound more gangrenous and so deadly. The awareness of this simple fact of life will help to highlight the dangers of political correctness and religious naivety. I have, in a previous publication, explained that prayer without corresponding reflection (study) and human action is a “payer that annoys God;” a mentally lazy man’s solution to social problems.


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