Oil Subsidy: Senators, Lawmakers, Threaten Jonathan With Impeachment


Today, the immediate vicinity of the three arm zone in the Federal Capital of Nigeria, Abuja where the seat of the federal government is housed was active with hushed movements within the major stakeholders of the National Assembly. This is as information available to 247ureports.com indicate that members of the National Assembly who are sympathetic to the Presidency have been kept busy over a silent but renewed move to impeach the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan under the guise of moving the country forward away from the suffering posed by the sudden hike in petrol prices.

Information from one of the aggrieved Senator’s representing one of the local government areas [LGAs] [recently declared as part of the state of emergency] revealed to our correspondent that the President has misused the executive privilege to suppress the labor and transport unions away from protesting / organizing against the sudden hike in petroleum prices – through the use a fake state of emergency. “The State of Emergency proclamation means nothing. We are yet to understand what he means by it? I was shocked to hear the announcement of oil subsidy removal a few days later.” He added also that the legislators will “not sit quietly and allow the Executive to drive the country carelessly like drunkards”.

But a Senator representing a district in Imo State discounts the claim/threats as unfounded. The Imo State Senator revealed that the NASS members were in the know – that the Presidency had briefed the Senator and members of the house of representatives on his actions prior to embarking on the announcement. In a telephone conversation with 247ureports.com, the Senator implied also that the Presidency rewarded each member of NASS in return for their cooperation. The Senator went on to add that the labor leaders and other union leaders may have been “briefed” as well.

Other sources close to the activities within the NASS who spoke to our correspondent in Abuja confirms the increase closed-door activities between persons believed to be operating on behalf of the Presidency – and persons operating on behalf of aggrieved NASS members. One of the sources noted that the subject of discussion at the meeting was not certain but the intensity  implied the nature of the seriousness.

Independent inquiry point to a tangential concern as being the principal reason for the sudden closed door meetings, It was gathered that the conditions suitable for a return to military rule maybe on the ripe. Some experts explain that the path which the country has been headed has raised concerns in certain quarters – concerning the threat of possible disintegration of the country. And the involved personalities in the quarters are said to be keen to the consideration of utilizing the military as an option to avert the impending disintegration.

NASS members are scheduled to return to seating next week.

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  1. I reminisce on the ascription by Dr West to these so calle d Senators, Lawmakers — morons. Can any of them spell “impeachment?” The can only spell money, bribe, and corruption, their stock in trade. What has removal of oil subsidy got to do with impeachment without considering how much billions of Niara were literarily given out to few individuals? These so called law makers, whatever that means in Nigerian context have not fashioned out any meaningful law that creates employment for the millions of youths all over Nigeria, except, apportion very unreasonable remuneration for themselves. What practical steps has the so called law makers taken to relieve the gruesome hardship facing the citizens? They merely get excited with the sound of the word impeachment, but not understanding the rationale underlying impeachment proceedings. It is a shame to these law makers. But wait, pretty soon, the way things are going, they probably won’t have any more laws to make.

  2. What‘s @stake is for all nigerians to rise up against this govt. Policy, not to rely on the NASS or labour unions; they may all be compromised with GHANA MUST GO“ & let the poor go to hell with prices hike!

  3. I know for sure that the NASS and the labour leaders has recieve compensation for being coperative. Is this how to treat masses? Is this your own way to rule Nigeria? People are dying out of hunger and starvation yet the corrupt gov cannot save their people. You begin a new year by creating chaos all over the country. Why are talking of ‘impeachment’ to bamboozle the people, remember you won’t take your properties to your grave. Mr president, is this your strategy to make the rich richer and the poor poorer? If so show mercy, you have nothing to loose in creating a healthy and a wealthy nation. Pls judge wisely.

  4. Ahmad ibraheem. R u asking nigerians to rise up and protext against a very good policy taking so far by nigerian govt. No-wonder ur northern people could not take a good policy 4 50yrs they ruled us. That shows the level of blind and backwardness u guys are. I advise u use ur time to tell ur boko haram people to stop killing innocent people if they are not cowards and stand up to demand for their own sharia country. U blood sucking vampires. I advice u not to call on ur moslem or christian brothers in the north to rise up and protext against boko haram rather than asking people to rise up against a policy that is aimed at strenghtning the economy of nigeria. Vampires. If u are a good nigerian, call ur people in order or rather they should use their time and resources to champion for the sovereign state of arewa cus we are growing out of control knowing that it is still the same u and ur brothers that killed and sucked the blood of our 3.1million people before and now they are at it again. Remember u cannot always be a winner. If it is ur people we are killing like this, how would u feel. I urge u to always stand against injustice nomatter where it comes from.


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