Oil Subsidy: Senate To Call Jonathan To Order


Information available to 247ureports.com indicate that the troubles surrounding the sudden hike in the price of petroleum products by the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan may be far from taking its last turn. This is as credible information received from persons within the chambers of the upper legislation arm of government indicates that the Senate will “throw the gavel hard” at the presidency today at their scheduled session.

According to the source who spoke to our correspondent in confidence, the Senate is bound to make its position on the oil subsidy removal known to the public following its seating today. The source went to disclose that the Senate will reflect the mood of the country. Also, the source noted that the Senate is aware of the tensed atmosphere in the country – and would act to not heat up the polity further – but “the Senate will not allow the President to get away with illegality”.

The source fell short to state whether the Senate would consider a vote of no confidence should the President ignore to act on their recommendation to reverse or suspend the price hike of petrol. The source added that the Senate will send a clear message to the President and the Nation that “wanton illegality cannot be allowed” in today’s Nigeria.

One of the Senators representing one of the senatorial districts in Kogi State told 247ureports.com that the President’s action are condenmable and impeachable. He expressed disappointment in the manner President Jonathan threw caution to the wind to inflict unwaranted hardship on the common people on the street who had overwhelmingly voted for him. “The President should solve boko haram first before taking actions that will heat up the nation”, stated the Senator.

The President’s men who are in-the-know of the impending embarrassing – are said to have intensified their lobbying of the influential senators. The aim of the lobbying as gathered is to have the senators tamper downon the rhetoric against the President – in the manner it was done during the house of representative session on Sunday that was broadcast ‘live’ to the entire nation. Our sources indicate that the President’s men have had difficulties reaching out to the respective senators – in part because a good number of the Senators find it uneasy alligning with the President’s dwindling political popularity.

The Senators as gathered are aware of the motion reached by the lower legislative chamber and are also aware of the mass appeal of the said motion. The senators are said to was to top the motion with a threat -should the President chooses to ignore the Senate’s recommendation.

The Senate is slate to begin seating around noon.

Stay tuned.



  1. The senators are the fathers and mothers of this nation , i believe that they wont watch while the goat gives birth with a rope in its neck , Nigerias are dying thru bad delivered policies , let there be peace and oderliness before introduction of fuel sbsidy , may God bless Nigeria.

    • Senators are not the fathers or mothers, rather parasites of the people. They feed fat while those that eected them are suffering. I prefer president GEJ and his policies than the senators – they are a selfish bunch of Nigerians, this is my opinion. If you are honorable in that chamber, speak the truth.


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